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Episode 234 features Alexis Connolly, who hails from Baginton, England. Her village has a tiny population of about 700. She has worked for the NHS – National Health Service – full time for 25 years. She progressively advanced in her career, in positions she was interested in. She presently works part-time as a radiology assistant.

I commented that she sure has had jobs that require a lot of communication. She shared that early in her work with the NHS, she took a job as a cleaner, figuring she wouldn’t have to talk so much. And look at her now.

Alexis is involved in the stuttering community through the British Stammering Association, now known as “Stamma.” She is active in some stuttering Facebook groups. She attended her first BSA conference and felt like her life was changed. She wasn’t afraid of her stammer anymore. Alexis also had a paper published for the annual ISAD conference in October 2020. Her paper was titled “Never Give Up: My Life Living with a Stammer.”

Listen in as we talk about stammering not defining our selves, not caring as much of negative reactions from others, and the worry Alexis had about being able to say her vows at her wedding.

What a great conversation about turning lemons into lemonade.

With all the social media platforms and other choices for electronic communication, there is no shortage of ways to find and communicate with people over the internet.

There are so many stuttering support groups, frankly they are hard to keep up with. But there is one on Facebook where large numbers of people who stutter gravitate.

The group is diverse – all ages, both genders, culturally and geographically dispersed. Yet, so many questions are asked – some casual, some deeply personal.

It seems that people who stutter from all walks of life are looking for connection, and I contend that connection cannot always be found with clicks behind a computer screen.

I think this 21st century group of young people who stutter who flock to these groups do so because there is no physical group to turn to.

Humans are human, and we need social interaction with each other – preferably face-to-face, at least on the telephone (or these days Skype.) We need to see and hear each other, read facial expressions and body language and feel that connection that comes from true interaction between two people.

I don’t think the future of interaction lies solely with social media and internet texting. I think we have to challenge ourselves to go and talk with a fellow person who stutters, or pick up the phone. Relationships start and then grow into friendships when we see and talk with each other in real-time.

We mustn’t lose sight of that.

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