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The Many Faces Of Stuttering

Posted on: October 22, 2018

I love this video that Vikesh from Australia created with the many faces and voices of people from all around the world just simply saying “I have a stutter.”

This wraps us the three week long celebration of ISAD 2018.

Sometimes, short and simple is more than enough.

2 Responses to "The Many Faces Of Stuttering"

What a nice video! But it does indeed bother me and may bother others that the ones who claim to have a stutter in the video aren’t stuttering! I know they are speaking just a few words but still-it is sort of bothersome… least to me that they don’t stutter in the vid:-)…but it’s empowering!

Hey Adam – I know what you mean. It seems that only two people actually are overtly stuttering in this video. So it could seem that everyone is mostly fluent. But, if you keep in mind the title, “The Many Faces of Stuttering” it’s not always about what what we hear or see. Sometimes people who stutter sound very fluent but they are agonizing internally – maybe they are panicked about being heard stuttering, maybe they rehearsed those 5 words 30 times just to sound fluent. We never truly know what each individual person who stutters journey is really like, do we? So it’s probably best that we don’t question why someone who says they stutter doesn’t seem to stutter. Everyone’s journey is totally unique.

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