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Why It Matters – Episode 41

Posted on: January 17, 2011

Episode 41 is a departure from the usual format of this podcast. A woman of strength and courage, Irina, whom we met in episode 16, takes the microphone and the lead and invites me to tell some of my story.

This felt strangely awkward, but I was so glad that Irina was the one asking the inviting questions. We have become friends and share a lot in common. We had to do the Skype session twice, because the first time we had such a poor connection between New York, USA and Burgas, Bulgaria.

I hail from Albany, New York and have been “out” about my stuttering for about four years. My whole life changed in an instant in 2006, when I was fired from a job due to stuttering. That rock bottom moment helped me find resources and support, and my voice. Turns out, I always had a voice, but just didn’t know it.

Listen in as I share what it has been like for me going from “covert to overt”, how stuttering has affected me both personally and professionally, and how I really am not the same person I was just four short years ago. Irina invites me to share how and why I started this unique space for women who stutter, and how this has changed me as well.

I am proud of my journey and have no idea where it may take me next. I look forward to whatever it may be. And I am grateful for what I have learned from the strong, beautiful women from all over the world I have met. My heart and soul has been touched by each of you. Thank you!

Credit for the podcast safe music clip “Fire Babies” goes to ccMixter.

5 Responses to "Why It Matters – Episode 41"

wonderful, wonderful, and wonderful! you touched me today, Pam.

I just want to say thanks to Pam and Irina for a very interesting conversation. Irina structured the interview extremely well and asked some great questions. I’m sure that it must have been a little difficult for Pam to adopt a different role but, as always, she responded to the challenge with substance and style!

Probably you need to get to rock bottom to consider dealing with the monster!
You told before that you were very covert ,but i never thought that you didn’t talk,i thought that you just switched words when you felt that you would stutter.
What amazing me is that you never developed the”very hard tensing speech ” that cause very long silent blocks, despite the amount of avoidance you had( probably it depends also on the character of the person )
Now i understood ,why your stuttering effect you so much!
Thank you (and Irina for your story)

Pam, this is an amazing, inspirational story. And so many parts of it that I can relate to. I also experienced an explosion of hidden abilities and quallities inside me as soon as I came out of the closet. Thank you for what you are doing.

Thank you, Pam! You were as great as an intervewee as an interviewer! It has been an amasing experience and I am so happy and honoured to be part of it! And finally your own story (or at least parts of it) is out there – the inspiring journey of an inspiring woman.

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