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Let Your Stutter Show – Episode 20

Posted on: August 20, 2010

Episode 20 features Cheryl, who hails from the Bay area of California. Cheryl is a recent college graduate with a degree in psychology and a minor in creative writing. She is presently unsure of her career path, but knows that someday she wants to write.

She envisions writing fiction, either novels or short stories. She also is considering speech pathology with a special interest in research of brain pathways of people who stutter. What a great combination, huh? Creative writing, brain research and psychology.

I first met Cheryl on the email group, Stuttering Chat. We learned that we had both attended the same NSA conferences, but just had not met in person. We eventually connected on Face book and Skype and began actually chatting instead of just virtually chatting.

Not surprisingly, Cheryl is a lover of books and calls herself a bookworm. She also enjoys travel, with a special penchant for Paris. She studied abroad in Paris for four months, falling in love with the city of enlightenment. (thanks to B for gently correcting me!)

Listen is as we chat about school experiences, social skills development and how stuttering influences self-esteem. Cheryl also shares  her therapy experiences and how it feels to “relapse” after experiencing fluency.

Feel free to comment or leave feedback for either of us.

Music used in this episode is podcast safe music from CCmixter. The title of the clip is “Scott waves to April’s salty Grace”. (I love this title!)

7 Responses to "Let Your Stutter Show – Episode 20"

Oh I can understand Cheryl so well. I miss Paris a lot too.

@Cheryl: Je suis sûr que tu parles très bien français! Pourquoi est-ce que bégayer t’empêcherai de bien l’apprendre? il y a bien des français qui bégaient.

Hey Burt,

I don’t want my bad French skills to be immortalized on the internet, so I’m responding in English =/. It was basically a combination of being insecure about my French skills, and then having to participate in a classroom full of very outgoing exchange students from all parts of the country. But it was a really great experience nonetheless, and I definitely still plan to live there someday!

Excellent podcast ladies! Love your honesty Cheryl. You have your whole life before you – what you are meant to do will most likely find you and you will just know its the right thing.

Thanks Barb! Yes, I keep telling myself I have my whole life ahead of me; sometimes that calms me, other times it makes me feel panicky that I’m wasting my time and my youth. It all depends on my state of mind. Thoughts are the hardest thing to control, but the most important thing to.

This was a great podcast – I really enjoyed listening to it.

Cheryl, with your brilliant talent at writing and your exceptional intelligence, I’ve no doubt that you will succeed at whatever you decide to do.


Thanks Richard! I definitely consider you a better wordsmith (what a fun word) than myself, so that means a lot coming from you.

Cheryl, you’re a very strong person! I love you!

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