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Choosing Her Path – Episode 90

Posted on: August 6, 2012

Episode 90 features Briana Pipkin who was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Briana is 21 years old and currently a senior at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. She is studying to become a speech language pathologist.

Briana decided to study speech language pathology after ruling out other career paths and remembering a positive experience she had as a child.

Listen in as we discuss stuttering choices, disclosure and fear of judgment.

We also discuss covert stuttering as it relates to choices and the responsibility of educating others so they know how to respond. We also talk about the rise of on-line stuttering forums and support groups.

Feel free to leave comments for either Briana or me in the below comment section.

The podcast safe music used in this episode is credited to ccMixter.

3 Responses to "Choosing Her Path – Episode 90"

I really enjoyed hearing this podcast, I think Brianna is on the right track with using the tools he has learned. I think some people dislike the tools because it wears you out. Brianna seems to have the ability to uses her tools when she needs them and not all the time. Very feel of us can do this.

I think the one thing that Brianna going for her is her confidence level. I heard her say a few times that she don’t think that her confidence level is not as high as she wants it to be, but I hear in her voice that she is strong and able to overcome most situation.

I do like the fact that Pam talked about advertising your stutter,, I think we had this conversation in the past and able to convey this to Brianna

Let me say this, Pam is doing such a great thing with this type of Podcast, I think the people who play these from start to finish learns so much. It allows others to have the change to voice their experience and views on things.

I hope to meet Brianna next year at the the NSA Conference.

Thanks Brianna and Pam,

Thanks again Pam for the chance to speak with you!

This podcast was very insightful. I truly enjoyed it.
@Pam, I think this is a great thing that you have presented here and I am hopeful that it serves as a tool to educate, build confidence and provide tools for all that listen.
@Briana, my lovely daughter, I am so very proud of you!!! You continue to enlighten and share all of you with those like you and those unlike you. You have advanced so far in your levels of fluenency. I look forward to your future and how it will improve the lives of others!! Continue to educate yourself by gaining ALL the knowledge you can absorb to make you the BEST Speech Pathologist this side of the Earth has ever had!!!
@ Lott, thank you for seeing the confidence in Briana and thank you for tuning in and taking time to comment!!!


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