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The Stuttering Journalist – Episode 152

Posted on: March 23, 2016

PamEpisode 152 features CiCi Adams, who hails from Pennsylvania, but is presently living in Brooklyn, New York. CiCi is a journalist at People Magazine and enjoys writing, dance and eating lots of Chinese food.

Listen in as we discuss what’s helped her to be OK with stuttering, how she handles interviews at work, interacting with other people who stutter and so much more.

CiCi is a member of the NYC National Stuttering Association chapters and talked about the one day conference that NSA NYC is sponsoring in May.

And Cici blogs. She wants her blog to grow. Please check her out at The Plight of the Stuttering Journalist and let her know you’ve visited by leaving a comment.

This was a great conversation with yet another amazing woman. I feel so lucky to be able to host this podcast. My life has been enriched by all of these women’s stories.

The music clip used in today’s episode is credited to ccMixter.

2 Responses to "The Stuttering Journalist – Episode 152"

I’m not a woman, Pam, but they ARE my favorite humans – my late mom and sister, my living wife and 8 granddaughters. Without women on this terrestrial ball, I would happily depart this life today! Anyway, my common bond with you is stuttering. I fought the same battle for 25 years. As a young trial attorney, I couldn’t even say my name in court. With the help of six sessions with a psychiatrist and years of trial and error, I did find my own ways of making my stuttering undetectable, even though fears of it still haunt me every day; the good news is that people can’t tell that I am still fighting stuttering. I’m long in the tooth now and retired, and I have decided to make stuttering my charity; that is, a couple months ago, I released a book detailing my methods, which are quite different from anything that I’ve read in dozens of stuttering-books. My book (Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures, which is on Kindle), I GIVE away to stutterers, their parents and therapists, no strings attached (no products, clinics or anything else to sell – I’m long past all of that). So, if you want my book free or if you know those who need it, just email me your email address to, and I’ll buy a copy for you and them. I only ask one thing in return: Feedback; that is, the readers’ suggestions, as my goal is to tweak my self-cures as needed to help others. Regardless, many thanks to you for helping quash Satan Stuttering. Lee

CiCi is so brave to pursue and maintain a career in journalism despite her stutter. I’m sure having a stutter while being a journalist can be quite challenging at times, so I truly applaud her for her courage and perseverance! Another plus is that she’s a New Yorker, like me. 🙂

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