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Breaking Barriers – 100th Episode

Posted on: February 12, 2013


Episode 100 features Tamara Nunes, who hails from Maryland, via Brazil. She works in the disability field. Tamara was the very first guest on this podcast back in May 2010.

We discuss acceptance and confidence, communicating at work, and speech therapy experiences. Tamara discusses being close to the University of Maryland, where Vivian Sisskin works, who was featured in episode 81, talking about her avoidance reduction therapy.

We talk a little about the shared experience we had working with people with developmental disabilities who also stutter. And we talk about the value of hearing other people’s stories, the National Stuttering Association, and the empowering feeling that comes from “climbing over that wall.”

We also talk about the contestant currently on American Idol who stutters. Tamara remembers being told when she was younger to sing her words instead of talking.

I am proud to have reached this milestone 100th episode, and was so happy to have caught up with Tamara. Please feel free to leave comments for either of us. Remember, feedback is a gift.

The podcast safe music used in this episode is credited to ccMixter.

5 Responses to "Breaking Barriers – 100th Episode"

Thanks, Pam and Tamara: It was a great idea to feature your very first guest as the l00th episode. I enjoyed this very much.

Glad you liked it, Ruth! And the concept of featuring the first guest. Tamara rocks!

I really enjoyed this episode. I thought Tamara exhibits much strength in her journey simply by disclosing stuttering to many people. Thanks for sharing!

Pam – Very many congratulations on your 100th podcast! What a great achievement this is. I can’t help but wonder how many people will have listened to those podcasts and derived value from them. Since I’m terribly bad at mathematics, I won’t hazard a guess at numbers … suffice to say, I’m sure that “lots” have benefited from your brilliant project! Thank you so much for your extraordinary commitment and all your hard work.

Thanks for the great comment Richard, and for taking the time to leave feedback. I suppose I’ll never know how many people have listened, but if it’s only been a few, instead of lots, and made a difference to those few, then that’s worth it.
Tamara said she hopes I do a thousand more – as i said, that’s not realistic, but if even one more helps someone, then I’m up for it.

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