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She’s Got Talent – Episode 83

Posted on: March 15, 2012

Episode 83 features Nina G, the only female stuttering stand-up comic. Nina hails from Oakland, California. She has been doing stand up comedy for two years now, and making a real name for herself.

Nina believes comedy is artistic expression that is also a social change vehicle. Nina is a huge disability advocate, and hopes that people are thinking differently about stuttering due in part to her comedy and advocacy.

Nina recently auditioned for the television show America’s Got Talent. We talk about the how and why, and what motivated Nina to audition.

Nina shares in this conversation, as she has in previous episodes, that the only person she ever knew who stuttered publicly in the media was Stuttering John of the Howard Stern show. When Nina found out that Stern was a judge on the America’s Got Talent TV show, Nina decided that she wanted to try and interact with Howard Stern.

We also talk about the continued absence of role models who actually stutter in the media or high profile leadership positions.

Change is needed. Listen in as these two women who stutter share our feisty opinions on why women who stutter are needed as positive, visible role models.

You can also check out this video of Nina talking about the Howard Stern show and challenging the internal stigma of stuttering.

Music used in this episode is credited to ccMixter. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions. Remember, feedback is a gift.

4 Responses to "She’s Got Talent – Episode 83"

Hey, Nina!!! Did Pam make you stop cussing? Or were you converted? Anyway, as usual, this was great and I hate to tell you this, but someday someone is going to come up to you and ask “Hey, Nina, how come you don’t stutter anymore?” I know you don’t believe that but when you got intense about what you’re saying, I kept wondering where the stuttering went (maybe Pam is sitting on it?) One thing you said that I liked a lot: something like “I want to think about what I’m going to say and let my tongue and speech do what it wants”….something like that. I think that’s very powerful. RUTH MEAD

Always love the opportunity to go on Pam’s show! I love doing. Thanks for your comments Ruth! I know, it was so difficult to withhold the cussing! But for Pam I will censor myself!

Great article about Stuttering john. Where did you get those news from? Have a good one, Kornelia!

[…] Friday night on stage after she performed her routine. Nina has been featured several times on my Women Who Stutter podcast and has numerous YouTube videos showcasing her comedy and disability rights […]

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