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Moving On, Letting Go – Episode 73

Posted on: November 21, 2011

Episode 73 features Jeni Cristal, who hails from Long Beach, California. Jeni is 22 years old and attends the University of Long Beach, majoring in Health Care Administration.

Jeni will graduate in spring 2012, and plans to go on for her Masters degree in Public Policy. Then she wants to apply to law school, with the long-term goal of becoming a prosecutor.

Jeni is from a very large family – she has 10 siblings! Two of her brothers stutter. Listen in as Jeni shares her poignant story of growing up not being allowed to talk to her mother – because her mother thought Jeni’s stuttering was contagious! She was only allowed to talk to her mom if she was fluent.

We talk about how tough it was for Jeni to not talk about any of this for years, and the changes in her relationship with her mom. We also discuss disability resources for college students, speech therapy, forgiveness, letting go and acceptance.

Jeni and I had a great conversation. We both got choked up at the end of our chat, as we realized we had made a real emotional connection. Sharing our personal stories does that!

Please feel free to leave comments for either of us, and especially let Jeni know what a great job she did. Feedback is such a gift.

The podcast safe music used in this episode is credited to ccMixter.

8 Responses to "Moving On, Letting Go – Episode 73"

Great interview Pam and Jeni…Jeni Avi – you should feel yourself lucky that you have a supportive supervisor…I am also fortunate to have worked under good Managers…after graduating..I worked for one year in India..where I used to tell my manager that I have a support help group in New Delhi (TISA) and we people meets every weekend and it helps me to make myself comfortable with my stutter and make it easy for me to socialize….he used to be surprised that how we all stutterers communicate when we are together in a group….he wanted to join me for a meeting..but due to some reasons it didn’t materialize…Now From December 2009 I am in Italy… and I have worked under three managers till now…I worked for more than 1 year with my first manager..Since at that time, I was new in Italy we used to go for bike rides for weekends…and we have seen a lot of beautiful places together in Italy….than I was transferred in a new department..this new manager was also good with me..but I didn’t worked for too long in this department..i was again transferred in a new department..and now am working with a very young manager who is just 30..he till now its good experience working under him..!!
I felt sorry that you had not received much support from your mom..and.. you was allowed to talk only when you was fluent.. you have come a long way ..and you are a successful women…cheers..!!!

You both did an amazing job. It brought tears to my eyes a few times..especially about your mom Jeni. You are VERY successful and have done very well for yourself! It’s great what you are doing for your little brother too. It’s good to hear that you didn’t let stuttering stop you from being successful! Great job!!! 🙂

Great work pam and jeni..Keep reaching heights

Thank you guys.. All your kind words means a lot to me… It was difficult but I always knew inside me that I wanted to thrive and succeed in life, this is what keeps me going. I hope to continue finding ways in controlling and articulating sounds and words. With the help of all the wonderful people around me and the willingness to better myself I know this is possible. Nothing is out of reach!

HATSOFF to jeni…!!!

Thank you Shashank!! 🙂

Hallo Jeni! I agree with Pam, and I understand that you are a strong and glad nature, so I think you are beeing able to control your talking all the better. I wish you a good life. Bengt

Hi Bengt, Thank you for listening to my interviewed.It took me three years of stuggles and acceptance to get to the glad nature i am in now. 🙂

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