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Life Gets In The Way – Episode 7

Posted on: June 8, 2010

Episode 7 features Lesley Kodom-Baah, who hails from London.  I first met Lesley on the covert list-serv,where she posted a lot of questions and shared her stuttering experience.

Soon enough, Lesley and I began following each other on Face book and Twitter.  One social media account is never enough!

Lesley is a college student, majoring in Sociology. She shares what being young and in college with a stutter is like for her. Stuttering is like a taboo in England, so Lesley largely lived her life as a covert. We talk about that as well. She was eager to talk with someone about admitting and being a covert.

Lesley reveals some powerful insights in this episode. She discusses having felt locked in a prison,and the contrasting feelings she now has of being liberated. We discuss fears of not being liked or loved,and how stuttering makes you humble. Lesley also freely discusses her family life and her goals for the future.

Lesley attributes a major change in her life to having listened to other stutterers on the podcast Stuttertalk.

Musical credit for the song “Today Then Tomorrow” goes to Dano Songs.

Feel free to leave comments or feedback. The discussions are always great.

5 Responses to "Life Gets In The Way – Episode 7"

Wow! So honest, about a lot of things. Its funny how things in our life, not just stuttering, relate to the experiences we have of trying to hide things and deal with things. We do the best we can, huh?

Very courageous of you to tell your story like this.

Hey, Pam….and Lesley! you go, girl…So glad you are feeling as though you can be you! The fact you stutter is just one part of you. That you feel more confident and comfortable is wonderful! Very FREEING! You say liberating, I say liberate some more…Was totally feeling you, and thought you communicated just fine with Pam! rock on, Sister…..You should be extremely PROUD…………Keep it popping, girlfriend, Knock em’ dead,Bye, Bye……

Thanks for your honesty Lesley and sharing your story. I love your British accent too. It is great to hear women on the air.

thanks everyone for the great comments and support! im so glad theres such an amazing community out there! 🙂 much love

Brilliant podcast ladies …Lesley although there is an age difference we have so much in common…. I think the fact that you are coming out of being covert so early on is fantastic ,I have only just began to let myself be freed of this in the last couple of years and I’m 41.
It is liberating suddenly being able to say exactly what you want to say ,without all the old avoidances ,switching and fears that go along with hiding so much .
Also as bizzare as it seems ….stuttertalk changed my life too as I typed in the word stuttering into google and there it was …there my journey began .
Thanks for sharing

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