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It’s OK To Stutter – Episode 6

Posted on: June 2, 2010

Episode 6 welcomes Gloria Klumb from Madison, Wisconsin. Gloria is a NSA and Face book friend. She is leader of the Madison NSA Chapter.

She often reads my posts on this blog and takes the time to comment. So it was a no-brainer that she and I would eventually chat and put our great minds together.

We talk about different things. Her friend Bernie pestered her for a year to attend her first NSA conference. That conference was so life-changing that Gloria wound up moving from one city to another in Wisconsin so that she could be close to a NSA group, and then wound up being chapter leader. Another friend Bob “conned” her into eventually co-leading a stuttering workshop.

Gloria also tells about why she couldn’t tell her own children where she went or why when she attended NSA events.  And she talks about her “freedom trail”, work and even Botox.

These conversations with women are turning into exactly what I had hoped for.  We don’t need “famous” people to inspire us with their stuttering stories. Ordinary people lead amazing lives every single day, and it is important to listen to these stories.  Gloria’s “tell” is wonderful!

Musical credit for the intro and out-tro of  the song “I’m Gonna Go” goes to Dano Songs.

Feel free to leave comments and feedback for Gloria. (And me too!)

11 Responses to "It’s OK To Stutter – Episode 6"

Great job Gloria. I enjoyed your stories, they are truly inspiring as one who have had some of the experiences you have had.

You must feel proud of yourself as you have come very far with your stuttering. It is ok to stutter. I want to say this as often as possible so that I will be able to more and more beleive that it is surely ok to stutter.

Thanks Pam, such great work as usual.

HI Pam

I want to thank you for putting all this effort this. I must say I was a little tearing eye at the start but I did ok. I am glad I did this with you. Thanks Pam

Teary-eyed? I do hope it was tears of joy and pride.
You should be nothing short of joyous and proud for putting yourself out there and sharing your beautiful story.
I am glad you did it too. It is so empowering, isn’t it? Let all your friends and loved ones hear it. Turn it up loud!!!!!

You GO MA! Keep up the good job, there are many that do look up to you! Including your grandaughter! I am glad that you found the NSA but we still miss you around here!

Your grandaughter is in speach because of you! I fought for her to get that in school! Sorry, we don’t realize that we are cutting her or others off. Thank you for bringing to our attention yet again.

I listen to all 42.20 minutes of the pod cast! Did I surprise you? You can talk about the stuttering, it is part of who my Mom is and I love you for who you are and not who your not!

Love, Tj

YOu GO Ma! You have many that look up to you and you should be proud of that! Keep up the good work!

You are the reason that your grandaughter is in speach even if they call it something else. It is because of you that I fought for her to get speach in school! I am glad that you found the NSA but we still miss you here.

You can also talk about the stuttering with us, it is part of who MY Mom is and I love you for who you are. I am sorry we cut “J” off, I don’t realize that I am doing it. Thank you yet again for bringing that to my attention.

Keep up the good work!

To my daughter, wow Pam I guess you were right!!

Yep, told ya!
Makes a big difference. Our stories need to be told. And people want to listen.
Women’s stories from the heart – always worth a happy tear!

Gloria, you did an awesome job! I agree with Pam, I hope those tears are tears of joy.

Pam, I’ve really enjoyed listening to other women stutter. You don’t get that opportunity too often.

I have communicated with Gloria by e-mail. It was so wonderful to hear this podcast. I really enjoyed it. It is wonderful hearing what other women who stutter experience. tks for sharing. I am amazed at your ease of talking and honesty.

Pam, I love these podcasts. I agree that we can inspire each other with our stories. This is especially important for women like me in places where there are very few people who stutter who are not chasing fluency. Thank you so much. I really hope to have a good chat with you in Cleveland if you have the time.

Thanks for listening and commenting. That is exactly the reason I hope people tune in- to hear women who stutter, who are OK with it, and to reach people who feel a bit isolated in the stuttering world. And as women, we really are a “Minority within a Minority”.
I did not know you were going to the conference – great. Look forward to seeing you again and yes, I hope to have a good chat with you as well.
See you soon!

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