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Lights, Camera, Action and Stuttering

Posted on: January 30, 2011

With all of the media attention and buzz surrounding the movie “The King’s Speech”, I wondered why there was no coverage in my area. We have a local college with a 40 year history of working with people who stutter. And the College of St Rose has an affiliated chapter of the National Stuttering Association  as well.

So, I emailed one of the popular local anchor/reporters, told her a bit of my story and shared that I have a unique perspective on the experiences of women who stutter. I asked her if she would be interested in doing a story. She responded the next day, saying she would love to, and we set a date for a week later. Wow!

On Friday morning I welcomed Elaine Houston and her camera technician, Jesse, into my home. It was exciting and surreal at the same time. Elaine and I chatted while Jesse transformed my living room into a studio, complete with bright lights and lots of cameras. And then we got down to the business of talking and stuttering and talking about stuttering.

Turns out, Elaine had not even seen the movie. We were not going to talk about “The King’s Speech”. I wasn’t fully aware of this, but the reason that Elaine jumped at the opportunity to hear this story is that she is passionate about women’s issues. She was excited about the podcast highlighting women who stutter telling their stories. She does a weekly segment called “Today’s Women” which airs on News Channel 13  which is also included on the station’s website.

So, we discussed the “often not talked about” issues of stuttering, including the emotions and vulnerability, and how I have been affected personally and professionally. We talked about my journey,why I started this blog and how the women’s podcast morphed from there. Elaine was really interested in the women I have talked to, their hopes and dreams, and how stuttering does not limit anyone from living life fully.

Elaine had this huge, bright, enthusiastic smile the whole time we were chatting. Her passion is obvious, and she shared with me about her visit to Africa. She is working on a documentary about the lives of women around the world. I was telling the perfect person about my journey. And what I have learned from being brave enough to start talking to women all over the world.

We spent over 90 minutes together, taking lots of pictures and talking about everything. Especially about the powerful stories of women who stutter and how my life has been enriched simply by being part of this. I was grateful to have this opportunity to tell this story, and open up a conversation about stuttering from the women’s perspective.

Funny how things happen, huh? I have been so empowered by inviting women to share their stories. Elaine has had the same experience. Check out the book she wrote, The Friendships Between Women.

Things happen for a reason and usually at just the right time.

4 Responses to "Lights, Camera, Action and Stuttering"

This book looks interesting. I like the title. I love reading about friendships and special bonds that form between women. I am glad you got some local coverage.

Can’t wait to see this local coverage. Way to go!!

Pam, you are doing an amazing thing. You perspective on women who stutter is unique and it deserves even wider coverage. The reporter seems to be a very passionate and strong woman – I am glad she will take your story in the open and may be attract to you even more attention – which again, you richly deserve.
Big hug!

Hey Pam it’s Bethany saw you featured on news Channel 13 last night! I tried to send you a message on face book but wasn’t able to. I am so proud of you and all that you are doing to help other’s facing the same adversities. You are a true role model, hero and way beyond a Rock Star. Keep it up! Best Wishes and congratualtions on all of your accomplishments!

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