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A friend of mine, Burt, pointed me to this great video he found. Thanks Burt!  A guy who stutters explains what stuttering is and how it impacts his everyday life. It is a great illustration of how to raise awareness of stuttering, as well as an example of his good graphic work on the video.

He also describes this talk he did as an “Ignite Talk”, which I have heard of before, being familiar with Toastmasters. It is a fresh and fast way to deliver a presentation that only allows 15 seconds per slide. This forces the speaker to be short and concise in what he or she is delivering and keeps the listeners involved, as the talk moves swiftly along with the slides.

Credit for this video goes to John Moore, of Brand Autopsy. He has a comment section set up on his blog if you want to leave him specific comments. This is a terrific piece for all people to see, both those who stutter and those who want to learn more about stuttering.

Episode 8 features Barbara Wimpee from Milwaukee, WI. Barb is the NSA Chapter leader in Milwaukee for the adult group, as well as leader for the NSA chapter for kids and teens.

I met Barb through social media. We are Face book friends, and she is a regular reader of this blog. We have shared some ideas for use in her kids/teens group in the past.

Barb is a biologist, and is very interested in women’s health issues. So we spend some time exploring women’s health issues as they relate to stuttering, of course.

We also chat about the complexities of being covert. Barb shares how she was “passable” in the fluent world, and also the fear, anxiety and stress that is all too often discovered by the covert trying to be fluent.

Barb further shares about living a life that is honest, career choices, and even mentions a character from Harry Potter.

Musical credit for the song “Silver Shine” goes to Dano Songs.

Please feel free to leave comments or questions, of just let Barb know what a great job she did!

Episode 4 features my friend Lori Melnitsky, who is a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and a woman who stutters. Lori and I first met at a National Stuttering Association annual conference two years ago. She is a co-leader for the Long Island NSA Chapter. We have kept up with each other by phone and email.

Lori has her own private practice, All Island Speech & Stuttering Therapy. She also maintains a blog, which can be accessed directly from her web page. Her blog details her personal journey with stuttering and provides updates for people she works with and anyone who may be interested in therapy.

In this episode, Lori talks about how she overcame severe stuttering, and how that motivated her to want to help people who stutter. We also share our opinions on fluency therapies, how tough it is sometimes to accept compliments,and how important it is for women to communicate and share with one another.

Musical credit for the intro “I’m Gonna Go” goes to “Free Royalty Free Music” by Dano Songs.

Please feel free to leave comments. We welcome your feedback.

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