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There’s A Word For This – Ep. 169

Posted on: March 30, 2017

PamEpisode 169 features Yara who hails from Orange County, Southern California. Yara teaches second grade at a Waldorf school. She kind of happened upon this job, as it was not originally in the plan. Yara has a 12 year old daughter and loves chalkboard art.

Yara says she went from being in a band to now teaching little kids, singing songs every morning.

Listen in as we discuss covert stuttering and how Yara had always worried about stuttering, with everything. She got really good at coming off as fluent. She shares that for a long time she didn’t know that everyone wasn’t struggling to sound fluent.

Yara shares about her “aha” moment, how hard it is to have the conversation when telling someone she stutters and has been hiding it, and how a massive Google search helped her find stuttering resources. We discuss the NSA and how Yara would really like to go to a conference, how that might be easier for her than a small, intimate NSA chapter meeting.

The music used in today’s episode is credited to ccMixter.

3 Responses to "There’s A Word For This – Ep. 169"

I have been listening to your podcast for over a year and its so amazing and informative. I have never acknowledged my stuttering and just last year I discovered that I cope by being a covert stutterer. this road towards acceptance is going to be long one for me but I am ready. what do you do when stuttering begins to affect the workplace and relationships around ? I will keep on listening and who knows maybe be a guest speaker one day lol.. I have so much to say!

Greetings from Toronto Canada

Hi Pearl – how great to hear from you and thanks for the great feedback. So glad the podcasts have been helping you. I would love to have you as a guest one day.
I too was covert for many years and found it to be an exhausting, delicate struggle – to both speak and be heard and to be authentic. The best thing I did when stuttering affected things in the workplace and with relationships is that I owned it. I started disclosing to people that I stutter which made things so much easier for me and educated others. My work colleagues respected the fact that I was upfront and beyond that, didn’t really care. I find that to be true with friends and acquaintances as well. Being true to self helps others as well.

you are right about that.. I have started disclosing my stutter to colleagues and also interviewers. thank you once again.

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