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I Am Enough – Episode 42

Posted on: January 21, 2011

Episode 42  features Nora O’Connor, who hails from Los Angeles, California. Nora is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She presently works as a therapist in a residential drug treatment program for male parolees.

Nora shares how she always wanted to be in the helping profession. But she thought for a long time that being a social worker with a severe stutter (that she did not accept) was a real oxymoron. It’s a good thing for us that Nora worked this out, because as you will hear, she is a real gift.

Nora shares glimpses of her very personal journey with addiction and the dark depths of hopelessness. She turned to alcohol and other drugs to deal with her stuttering, and has now celebrated 15 years in recovery. She strongly believes that this journey has influenced every aspect of her being. It has also helped her find the beautiful, strong woman Nora always was, just waiting to emerge.

Listen is as Nora talks about what authenticity means to her, and how she discovered that bringing her whole true self to the table is very inviting to others. We also discuss finding acceptance, and how Nora wants to move beyond that, to just “being”. Not being a woman or person who stutters, but just being and breathing. (By the way, check out Nora’s blog, Just Breathe and Stay Human, for more on that).

We also talk about the important people in her life, and how Nora is excited to discover the opportunities that await her in the next decade. I always look for a key phrase or thought that a woman who is telling her story shares with us. This was hard, as Nora shares many gems. But in addition to the apt title of this episode, I loved how Nora refers to stuttering as “humility in disguise.”

Nora also co-wrote a paper on Self-Image Issues as part of a panel presentation on Women Living with Stuttering for the 2002 International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) on-line conference, which can be found on The Stuttering Home Page, an absolute wealth of information on stuttering.

The podcast safe music clip, “Today Then Tomorrow” used in this episode is credited to DanoSongs.

If Nora’s story touches you (as it did me), be sure to leave a comment. Feedback is a gift.

4 Responses to "I Am Enough – Episode 42"

Nora, you are an inspiration!

Well done, Nora! xoxo. You ARE a beautiful woman full of life! Pam, I love the phrases on the plaque from your friend. Can you post the words or give info. on where I can find it?

Hi Vanna, thanks for listening! I was thrilled to “meet” Nora and hear her story. Who knew we had things in common.

A friend sent me that plaque for Christmas – he moved a few months ago and I really, really miss him. When I opened it, his note said, “Pam, i saw this and immediately thought of you.” It made me cry, it was so beautiful.
When I get home tonite, I will take a photo and enlarge it and post somewhere, or just print the words off.



Would you please change a URL on and whenever you kindly refer to the Stuttering Home Page in the future. In 2004, a “Cybersquatter” made a clone of my Stuttering Home Page which I am told is a federal offense. The clone site URL is, PLEASE change the link to the actual URL which is either OR I have tried to buy the .org URL (which brings a bit over 6 percent of the traffic to my site) but was told someone has “back ordered” it already. I have no idea who or what they intend to do, but I’ve seen what has happened to other sites in similar situations.

Thank you,

Judy Kuster

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