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Fall Down, Get Back Up – Episode 142

Posted on: June 4, 2015

PamEpisode 142 features Suzanne Tubman, who hails from County Leitrim,on the west coast of Ireland. Suzanne is a wife and mother of two baby girls and just recently secured a part-time job as a legal secretary. She is also an avid jogger.

Listen in as we talk about covert stuttering, “riding the wave of fluency and then taking a sky dive,” and choosing or not choosing to work on our speech.

Suzanne talks about her involvement with the Irish Stammering Association and how much that has enriched her life. She also shares a great analogy about the movie “The Wizard of Oz.”

Grab a cuppa and listen as we also discuss how stuttering is cool, how an adverse comment became a motivator, honest questions and reactions from listeners and so much more.

This was such an insightful episode and both of us agreed we could have talked on for hours. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions, as feedback is a gift.

The podcast safe music used in today’s episode is credited to ccMixter.

2 Responses to "Fall Down, Get Back Up – Episode 142"

Suzanne, that was so amazing. I hope you listen back to it lots. there are a couple of things I love about you.. well more than a couple but from this interview…. you get get knocked down and you get up again always, you ask for advice AND you take it when it is needed. Listening to that has cheered me up a lot. Talking to you always does that, you always have such insightful things to say. Veronica
ps Hi Pam, another lovely interview

Veronica, YOU are amazing and ditto – listening to you always cheers me up too! 🙂 Thanks for the thoughtful words. It really is great getting feedback! We are amazing and wonderful doing ploughing on sometimes even when we really don’t feel like it and feel like giving up, stutterers don’t have it easy! 😉

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