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Can Stuttering Be Cute?

Posted on: April 22, 2013

My friend Burt from Belgium posed the question on one of the stuttering forums about how should one react when someone says our stuttering is cute. He wonders if people are just being nice by saying that.

Quite a few people weighed in with their comments and insights. Some say it’s never happened. Some say people refer to stuttering as cute when they don’t know what else to say. Some say they’ve heard stuttering said to be cute when the listener really feels sorry for the person stuttering.

One person indicated that she thinks that there are people out there that are genuinely attracted to flaws in people. I somewhat agree with that. I think when people let their true self shine – imperfections and all – they allow themselves to be vulnerable.

I am attracted to people who allow themselves to be vulnerable. To me, it signifies confidence. The person is confident enough to just be, and let the world see their true self.

I don’t ever recall anyone saying my stuttering is/was cute, but I do remember a friend commenting a few years ago that he found my stuttering was beautiful. I remember being so floored with that, as I’ve always hated my stutter. How could anyone possibly find it to be beautiful?

When he said that, it made me feel really good. I’ve never forgotten it either. Now, looking back (and it’s only been 4 or 5 years,) I think what may have been beautiful was the fact that I was being true to myself and stuttering openly and being vulnerable.

What do you think? Can stuttering be cute? Or attractive?

7 Responses to "Can Stuttering Be Cute?"

I don’t think stuttering is cute or attractive at all, but that’s because I used to stutter dreadfully myself. Hearing someone else stutter awakens all those old feelings inside and I can feel their pain. It can be true physical pain accompanied with the shortness of breath, the embarrassment or it all and hoping the person behind the counter or the nurse or the saleslady won’t be giving you strange looks. I don’t find it cute, I find it a bit painful. (I even have a hard time listening to Porky Pig, for crying out loud! And that’s just a cartoon!)

I think it is so adorable cause I’m one of those people that love people’s flaws. To me it shows that this person is confident in who they are enough to talk to me. Also I used to stutter and still do a bit.

My boyfriend has a stutter. I honestly think I’m attracted to it.. Or stuttering in general. I really do think it’s extremely cute and whenever my boyfriend gets flustered about stuttering, it’s even cuter. I have no idea why I like it so much. I think it’s rather strange honestly. One of my favorite TV shows, Rick and Morty, became a favorite show of mine because the main characters have stutters. I just really do find stutters appealing I guess. Anyway, this is just my personal input on thinking stutters are cute!

I think I’m in love that the fact that people stutter.

I truly feel that stuttering is cute. I knew this gorgeous girl that stuttered a lot and I found it to be extremely cute. I loved listening to her talk, it sounded beautiful ever time she spoke. I also went to high school with this guy who stuttered and I found it sexy that he stuttered. I’m not saying stuttering is cute because I’m trying to be nice it’s just that it truly is freaking cute.

Hi, I’m a teacher who stutters. My students once said that my stuttering was cute for them. And I think they tried to give solice and understanding by saying that.
I wonder whether the friend Burt you mentioned above is someone i know, who majors in music and has two children. We contacted through a site—Stuttering can’t stop me, but have long been out of touch because of the site is no longer accessible for me.

I find stuttering to be very attractive… and I really don’t know why. Something about the vulnerability maybe, which makes me seem like a horrible person.

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