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Good Analogies For Stuttering

Posted on: November 18, 2013

A great blog piece came out last week, written by Madeline Wahl  for The Huffington Post. Her piece is called “What It Actually Feels Like To Stutter.”

She uses such descriptive language to nail the feelings we have during stuttering moments. She describes stuttering as “dashing to make a connecting flight but being too late.” And “making it to the subway just to have the doors close in your face.”

She describes fluent conversation as a back and forth volleyball match, with the words flowing just right, until an “out-of-bounds” is called when stuttering emerges.

Wahl’s descriptive language and imagery perfectly describes those stuttering moments where we feel helpless and out of control.

The article has been shared numerous times in the stuttering community via social media posts, garnering lots of “likes” and comments.

Wahl writes that over time she has come to terms with her stuttering. She knows she is going to stutter every day. Yet she doesn’t focus on acceptance. She focuses on the moments when she is able to execute her words fluently.

She writes about “the exhilarating, skydiving-through-the-air moments (that) occur whenever (she) says a sentence without stuttering.” She practices tongue twisters in front of a mirror in order to perfect her speech and not stutter.

I don’t think she has really come to terms with her stuttering if she is celebrating her fluent moments and endlessly practicing to not stutter.

I would have liked to see her say something about acceptance.

What do you think?

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