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Road To Empowerment- Episode 45

Posted on: February 10, 2011

Episode 45 features Perla Ernest who hails from Mexico, by way of the UK, Saudi Arabia, and Brunei. She is 23 years old, British/Mexican, and has a history of covert stuttering, except when she couldn’t hide it! Today, Perla views herself as a recovering stammerer.

Perla is an ambitious young woman. She wants to use her years of experience abroad to start her own business of cross-culture training. She sees a need to teach multi-cultural norms and differences in a global business world.

Perla and I were introduced by Maria McGrath, featured in Episode 38. Perla shares how the McGuire therapy program changed her life. Perla explains many of the basic tenets of the McGuire program, including breathing and voluntary stuttering.

Listen in as we discuss career goals, communication and covert stuttering. Perla tells some great stories about the elaborate avoidance techniques she used to keep her stuttering hidden. Perla poignantly shares the story of how the mother of an ex-boyfriend who referred to her as “Perla the Stammerer”, and how that jolted her out of her belief that she had hidden her stammering successfully.

We also discuss inspiration, empowerment and leadership. And we talk about rock bottom and acceptance. Perla hopes to bring the McGuire program as an option to people who stutter in Mexico.

Credit  for the podcast safe musical clip”Scott Waves to April With Salty Grace” goes to ccMixter.

Feel free to leave comments  for Perla (or me). Feedback is a gift!

7 Responses to "Road To Empowerment- Episode 45"

hi, I’m thushi. i have stammer like you. i think, i can understood many things in this track.. Perla, you are amazing…
so, you are great women…

i never frustrate about my stammer.

hi, i like download it and listen every time….can i download it?

Well done Perla, great control, technique and easy listening, pretty perfect.

It was interesting hearing someone from the McGuire program.

Hi Pam & Perla,

I have to say I really loved this episode of Women who Stutter! Perla, you’re a star and such a great asset to this amazing programme! You’ve inspired me with you deep and breathy tone as well! 🙂

Julia Ammon

hi,, i’m again listening to it….

[…] and I were introduced by Perla Ernest, whom we met in Episode 45. Chloe identifies her stuttering as covert, appearing mostly when she is stressed or under […]

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