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It’s Showtime – Episode 37

Posted on: December 9, 2010

Episode 37  features Veronica Lynch, who hails from Dublin, Ireland. Veronica and I share a history of being extremely covert, and then making the transition to overt stuttering. We are both contributing  members of the Covert-S email group.

Veronica worked for 30 years with the Irish Airports Authority. She has recently retired, with her last position being Insights and Strategy Manager, of which she was very proud. Veronica worked her way up the ranks in her career, starting with a back room job that didn’t require much talking.

Listen in to a powerful conversation about covert stuttering, “the aha moment” and what it is like living a parallel life. Veronica and I have remarkably similar stories about how we arrived at acceptance, and Veronica shares hers in-depth in this episode. She shares about how being covert means often we have to “be on” and “act” like we are on performing on stage all of the time, which coverts know, can be just exhausting.

Veronica also shares about what the journey has been like having a child who stutters, and how helping her daughter is what ultimately helped her. Veronica also touches on the profound notion that “when the student is ready, the teacher will find you.”

Veronica has been very involved with self-help in Ireland, and is an Executive member of the Irish Stammering Association.

Podcast safe music used in this episode is ” Scott Waves to Salty Grace” by J. Lang and is credited to ccMixter.

Can you relate? Feel free to leave comments or questions for Veronica or just let her know what a great job she did!

6 Responses to "It’s Showtime – Episode 37"

Hi girls

Great conversation, I especially loved the ‘show time’ them !

I am from Co Roscommon and I stutter, if you are on FB , please add me , you sound lovely

sheila xx

Hello Sheila,
thank you for your kind words. Yes ‘showtime’ was a big part of my life and sometimes the only way I got through the day but I rely on it much, much less now and my life is so much less tiring!
I’m not on fb but the Irish Stammering Association is. If you want to drop a mail to the ISA office we can put you on our email list for news of what’s going on.

Hi Veronica and Pam ,

thank you so much for these honest and inspiring words. I beleive a lot of women can identify.


Hi Mirjana, thank you for your kind comments. it is good to hear from you, hope you are keeping well. It would be nice to see you back at the meetings again. Veronica

Hi Veronica-
Thanks for sharing your story. I stutter as well and is always great to listen to these podcasts about women. Lori

thank you for your comments, yes, it is great to hear other women’s stories given that we are in the minorityand I would like to thank Pam for giving me the opportunity to tell my story. I haven’t heard all the podcasts but what struck me about those I did hear was the distinct lack of self pity and also the amount of courage and hope expressed, it is heartening.

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