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Sport Of Speaking – Male Episode 16

Posted on: September 11, 2012

Episode 16 features Geoff Johnston, who hails from Strathalbyn, South Australia. Geoff is presently the Regional Director for the McGuire program.

“There is so much more to stuttering than speech.” Geoff talks about how fears, anxieties and self-limiting beliefs are well addressed in the McGuire program and how satisfying it is to see people’s lives change. You can watch Geoff in action in this video.

Listen in as we chat about self-esteem, confidence, voluntary stuttering,  relapse, social anxiety and embracing speaking situations.

We also talk about having a “compelling reason to change” and the bravery and effort needed to maintain change.

Feel free to leave comments or questions for Geoff (or for me!) in the comment section.

The podcast safe music used in this episode is credited to ccMixter.

5 Responses to "Sport Of Speaking – Male Episode 16"

Thank you Pam for the opportunity. An enjoyable experience.

Hi Pam,

Yet another successful interview. I was most impressed by your spontaneity, thoughtful probing, continuity, humour – as well as your genuine interest in (and considerable knowledge of) the subject matter. You have developed a delightful and effective style, while also maintaining the utmost respect for the interviewee. Kindest regards Alan B

Hi Geoff,

I really enjoyed your chat with Pam. I fully support your view that stuttering is holistic in nature. Merely working on the mechanics of our speech is only of limited value. I was impressed by your understanding (and explanation) of the diverse issues that can influence our ability to communicate effectively (self-esteem; self-efficacy; social anxiety; limiting beliefs; restrictive self-image; avoidance strategies; the feeling of being judged by others etc).

You spoke with passion about a subject that is obviously very close to your heart. It is evident that you have made immense strides during recent years in resolving your personal challenges. But, not only have you turned your own life around, you have assisted/inspired many others to face their own fears, so that they may also participate widely on life’s stage.

Geoff, thank you for sharing.

Kindest regards

Alan Badmington

Hi, Geoff: Alan Badmington sent me the link for your podcast with Pam, thinking I would enjoy it….and I did! It was interesting to me that you still stuttered around your mother, years after you were no longer afraid of speaking. I had the same experience for at least 4 years with my parents after I had improved my speech with everyone else. Those old memories are hard to erase…or at least transcend. I guess we’ve all found out that there are no “magic pills”. I still think it would be fun to find a bottle of those magic pills somewhere (so I won’t have to constantly expand my comfort zone!) but I won’t hold my breath. Thanks for sharing this.
Ruth Mead

Thank you Ruth. I tuned into your podcast. Great session with Pam. You really are a funny lady full of humour. Cheers from Oz, Geoff

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