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Stuttering To Win Votes

Posted on: September 7, 2012

An interesting story came my way yesterday. Friends from the stuttering community passed this article around – “Did Michelle Obama Fake A Stutter?” to see what “real stutterers” think of someone who may have used stuttering to exude sincerity.

Stop for a minute and think about that. Why would someone giving a powerhouse political speech at the Democratic National Convention “purposefully stutter?” To add sincerity and impact to her speech? To win the hearts of her audience members? I don’t think so.

Michelle Obama doesn’t need to try and win over her audience. She already is a strong speaker, and knows how to connect with her audience.

This is just one more way to confuse people about stuttering. As we know, the average person has normal dis-fluent moments while speaking. Even presidents do!

If  Obama did have word repetitions, it wasn’t to purposely stutter so she could come off as more sincere or authentic or likeable. She had a few moments of imprecise speech like everyone does. She wasn’t using stuttering to win votes.

That’s just ridiculous!

5 Responses to "Stuttering To Win Votes"

I totally agree with you Pam. This topic is ridiculous. No one, NO ONE, is fluent all the time. From what I’ve seen of Michelle Obama she is the most genuine, sincere first lady we have ever had. It is my opinion that she is always herself- whether it be on the Ellen show, a major event or putting her arm around Queen Elizabeth. She also is well aware that Joe Biden spent his early years as a stutterer.
It a;ways amazes me how people look for ways to stir up controversy out of nothing. This is just another example of “lets start a fight” and it makes me sick.

Couldn’t agree with you more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eh, completely made up. it’s a non issue. Here’s my response from the BSA page: I watched the entire speech even before I saw this article. And no, she didn’t fake a stutter / stammer. If you watch Barack Obama, he talks like that too…repeats certain words. He uses them as a filler, like “ummm” to give the impression that he’s thinking and to allow the listener to catch up. So no, Michelle Obama didn’t fake a stutter, and anyone who says she did doesn’t know what a real stutter or stammer is.

People who do not stutter repeat words or sounds, or use filler words, perfectly normal, I see that in Toastmasters. I saw / heard the speech, and was surprised to see the article claiming a fake stutter. I highly doubt the person who wrote the article is a PWS.

I agree with Krishna. I watched her speech a few days ago in its entirety and the thought never even crossed my mind… and I’m pretty obsessed with stuttering.
Friday at 6:42pm

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