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The College Grad’s Feelings-Episode 2

Posted on: May 12, 2010

In this second episode, Pam is joined by Sarah Bryant, a woman who just recently graduated from college and is looking for a teaching job.  Sarah talks about some of the challenges she faced while stuttering in school. We also talk about advertising and acceptance, and how stuttering influences social relationships.

Sarah recently contributed her story to this blog in a written form, where her raw emotion and authenticity really resonated with readers. Her courage at still a young age is commendable. Read her blog entry here!

Sarah also shares how worried she gets about creating a poor first impression with people she has just met, because of the stuttering. We reflected on how many people worry about first impressions, stutterers or not! And Sarah acknowledges that she no longer focuses on the goal of attaining fluency.

So listen in as Sarah and Pam chat about how stuttering influences us. Feel free to leave a comment.

9 Responses to "The College Grad’s Feelings-Episode 2"

I love the title of your blog and the name!! I will listen to the podcast tonight but wanted to share that with you.

Thank you both for sharing. Sarah, I applaud your courage and honesty and wish you the best with your job search.

I hear what you said about Hollins. I am a Hollins grad as well. I hope we can remember they only teach fluency enhancement from one perspective. I can assure you as a SLP who stutters that my approach is different and realistic. The important thing to remember is that we have to follow our heart.

A great podcast ,with such honest feelings and views ,Sarah I’m so glad you’ve accepted yourself for you ,I’m getting there slowly .
Good luck with your teaching

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Awesome Pam, I think Sarah will have a great time at the conference. She won’t want to go home. I do remember my first conference..Boston.

Hi Sarah and Pam-
First, Pam thanks again for having me on ( I will be aired in a few weeks) and for starting this. It is so important!
Sarah, thank you for your honesty. I don’t think I would have been on a podcast at your age (especially since they didn’t exist years ago-LOL). Seriously, I wouldn’t have the courage so I applaud you.
I am a SLP who stutters and went through Hollins. I hope we can all remember that Hollins teaches one approach and it is not the only one out there. Don’t assume that just because you or others were not happy with their teachings that other methods might not achieve greater fluency. I think acceptance is different from speech therapy in many ways.
Tks again to both of you!!

I agree there are other approaches out there for therapy. When I went through the Hollins program I honestly thought this was the only therapy specifically for PWS. I had no idea there were other approaches.

Well done to Sarah. Sarah is a very good instance of how young stutterers can be faced with issues at this one difficult time when one has to chose a job path. I think we were all confronted to that (or will have to 😉 ).
I really appreciate how managed to overcome all hurdles, but also how she communicates about it. Sarah, continue the good job, for yourself, and us all.

Well done Pam, again an excellent choice for the interview!

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