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She Actually Stutters

Posted on: March 30, 2012

Finally, a person getting media attention who actually stutters! And she’s a SHE!

Swedish golfer Sophie Gustafson did a media interview that got lots of attention from the stuttering community this week. This was a big deal for her, as she has shied away from most public speaking due to her stuttering.

It is refreshing to see someone who has dealt with the physical, emotional and social aspects of stuttering actually talk about it, and stutter. She is not one of those who miraculously outgrew or overcame her stuttering.

She still stutters and lets it be known in this NY Times article published March 27 and her television interview (which made the rounds this week on social media, even though it aired back in November 2011.)

In this 2002 Sports Illustrated interview, she talks about how she has tried to manage her stuttering throughout her life, including therapy at the Hollins Institute.

A couple of my friends suggested I try to contact Sophie and see if she would consider being a guest on the Women Who Stutter: Our Stories podcast. I contacted her through her Twitter account, and she actually responded. When I asked her if she would consider being a guest and sharing her story, she said she wasn’t ready for that.

Those of us who stutter can certainly understand that!

8 Responses to "She Actually Stutters"

Stuttering Sophie Gustafson, the eminent golfer, is from Sweden. We in the Swedish Stammering Association convinced her once to take an interview. Now she did it again. Brave an good Sophie! Bengt

I can def. relate to that:) I saw the interview:) I hate how some people are coming forward saying they stutter when they really don’t.

This is so great! And while I would love to hear her on your podcast, it is actually a great reminder that we all deal with our “demons” differently and in our own time.

Hej Sophie! Jag skrev ett svar på min rostiga engelska. Kanske bättre såhär. Jag har beundrat dig ända sedan jag såg dig på golfbanan i början av din karriär. Jag är 85 år. Jag spelar inte golf. Jag stammar inte, men är medlem i Stamningsförbundet. Jag såg en liten rar flicka bli mobbad för sin stamning och samlade då 22 stammande kvinnor, beredda att framträda i radio-tv med sin stamning för att avdramatisera fenomenet. Jag såg vid ett tillfälle en mycket kort intervju med dig. Någon i vårt stamningsförbund, då SSR, övertalade dig att ställa upp. Jag minns att du talade med intervjuaren om någon som hade sagt eller gjort något olämpligt. Min beundran för dig står kvar. Mvh Bengt

I agree that it is great that a woman who stammers openly is receiving positive media attention, I disagree with the negativity surrounding role models who outgrew/overcame their stammer. Just because they may not stammer visibly anymore does not mean detract from good work in telling people about stammering and their experiences

Tremendous things here. I’m very satisfied to peer your article. Thank you so much and I am having a look ahead to touch you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

I stumbled across this today – She really is an inspiration.

Indeed she is – she shows us that you can speak publicly to the media and the masses and stutter, and it is OK. That’s what has been missing for years for people who stutter. All of our “role models” don’t actually stutter. They used to, or if they do, they use techniques. For the millions of us who can’t cover it up, or did not outgrow our stuttering, having someone speak up publicly, and stutter as beautifully as she does, is so refreshing.
Thanks for checking in!

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