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Grasshopper Says Leap – Episode 82

Posted on: March 1, 2012

Episode 82 features good friend Jamie Rocchio, who hails from Rhode Island. Jamie recently moved to New Jersey and is currently enjoying retired life. Or as she puts it, she is “puttering” around the house and loving every minute of it.

Jamie and I met through the National Stuttering Association (NSA) about 5 years ago and we have become good friends. We stay in phone contact a few times during the year and I went and visited her for a weekend in Rhode Island.

Jamie is an outspoken advocate for stuttering. She was a NSA Chapter leader while living in Rhode Island, and for several years she has helped with first-timer orientation at the annual NSA conferences. Jamie was also a regular guest for a while on another podcast Stuttertalk.

In this episode, Jamie and I have a “catch-up” conversation and talk about how stuttering has impacted Jamie’s life, past and present. We talk about fear, change, being stuck, and most importantly, how we as women take care of ourselves.

I don’t think women in general talk about this enough – we have to take care of self before we can attend to anyone or anything else. Men too, of course, but we women tend to beat ourselves up more, so being gentle and taking care is oh so important.

We also talk about how important it is to be open to change, to listen to the universe, and take those leaps.

Feel free to leave comments for either of us in the comment section. Feedback is a gift!

8 Responses to "Grasshopper Says Leap – Episode 82"

You have earned a medal or som other badge, both of you. Couldn’t ISA or NSA kreate such a thing? Bengt

Brilliant episode, I love Jamie’s ‘whatever’ attitude regarding her speech and also taking a break from being so focussed on her stutter and just enjoying being herself !
I to am trying to put my speech issues to the back of my life and concentrating on just being me !

I loved this episode too! Jamie, you are so cool and I love your attitude and respect and trust in the universe to guide you. I believe in it too and I like to think that everything and everyone has a purpose, we just have a real hard job sometimes of looking for ‘signs’ in nature and the universe when we get so bogged down in our busy lives. It’s getting increasingly harder to keep ourselves ‘simple’ I think. We’re all so complicated and busy now in our lives, we fail to see things for how they really are. Suzanne Tubman.

Hallo Pam! Have you suggested to ISA about the medals or some other distinction för persons who dare to stutter in media in order to make people know about stutterin/stammering? Bengt

Not sure who to ask that of! I think it’s a great idea. Right now, very few, if any, women who stutter dare to stutter openly in the media.
The media does not invite us either to speak or perform . . . .

I know how difficult that is. I worked hard with the -swedish media until I got result. I admire my brave girls and women who stod upp and told the listeners about stuttering/stammering on their own way. Bengt

Have yoy got your medals yet? You have really earned them. Kindest regards .Bengt

Don’t give up! Greetings. Bengt

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