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She Says So What! – Episode 56

Posted on: May 20, 2011

Episode 56 features Chloe Barnes, who hails from Northamptonshire, England. Chloe will soon be 20 years old, and is in her second year of University at Brighton, where she is studying to be a primary teacher.

Chloe and I were introduced by Perla Ernest, whom we met in Episode 45. Chloe identifies her stuttering as covert, appearing mostly when she is stressed or under pressure. She did not pursue therapy until two years ago, when she decided to try the McGuire program before heading to university.

Chloe has a wonderful sense of confidence and does not take herself too seriously. She also has a delightful sense of humor and engaging laugh, which you will hear many times throughout our conversation!

Listen in as we discuss meeting other people who stutter for the first time, and how others who stutter can serve as a mirror for us. We also discuss active listening, and how stuttering can make us poor listeners and even a bit self-absorbed.

Chloe talks about the support and coaching of the McGuire program, as well as how she uses voluntary stuttering. We also discuss being proud of our differences and being happy with our unique self. Chloe shares about joining the Drama Society at University and her all time favorite character she portrayed on stage.

The podcast safe music clip “Gently” is credited to DanoSongs. Feel free to leave comments for Chloe or just let her know how inspired you were by her story. Remember, feedback is a gift.

6 Responses to "She Says So What! – Episode 56"

Chloe you were amazing!!! I loved listening to the show. I am on the McGuire Programme too and met Chloe on my refresher course – I have just joined this year and it has changed my life completely! Please email me if you would chat.

Natalie Morey Smith from the UK

Just listened to it… and thoroughly enjoyed it.. yes Pam is dead right you are a confident communicator !!! hope lots of other people listen in and take something away from your wonderful attitude to your speech Chloe Barnes, perfect McGuire technique Chloe , very very well done x x x
totally agree about stammerers being self centred too … through no fault of our own ! by accepting it , you become less self centred x

Chloe, you have amazing deep and sexy voice. Be careful around men – they may start losing their heads. I loved how you talk. Your voice is deep and alluring and a pleasure to listen.

A wonderfully controlled and assured interview from Chloe. Really enjoyable and insightful. Well done!

Thanks guys for all your lovely comments, been really lovely reading them back. It was a great experience sharing my story and I enjoyed every second! so Thank you Pam 🙂

@ Natalie- Keep doing what you are you’ve been a real inspiration and come so far so quickly! x

@Anna- Thank you i’ll bare that in mind haha 🙂

@ Chris and Shelia – Thank you both! you’ve been a great help! x

Loved listening to you Chloe! A really great journey and super eloquent! You’ve inspired me since the beginning and you use such wonderful technique here. Love that deep and breathy tone! x

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