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The People That Matter – Episode 30

Posted on: October 14, 2010

Episode 30 features Nina Zito, who hails from Queens, New York. Nina is 21 years old and is in her last year at St Joseph’s College in Brooklyn NY. She is studying to become an elementary school teacher.

I was introduced to Nina through friend and NSA member, Dr Mitchell Trichon. Mitch had met Nina at a NSA support group and told me that this young woman had an amazing story and that I should meet her.

I did get the chance to meet Nina and her mom and brother at the NSA conference this summer in Cleveland. I was so impressed that Nina’s family came with her for her first conference, and I was so happy to meet such an enthusiastic, ambitious young woman.

Nina has some huge speaking challenges ahead of her this year. She is student teaching and is President of her Student Government at her college. Listen as she explains how she manages this and makes room for stuttering in her life.

Listen in also as we chat about advertising, fluency communication and all that it entails, and Nina’s very inspiring story about being high school graduation salutatorian. She also offers heartfelt advice to teen girls who stutter.

Music used in this episode is podcast safe music from Dano Songs.

Feel free to leave comments or ask Nina questions.

7 Responses to "The People That Matter – Episode 30"

You always amaze me Nina. I am so glad I met you and your family last year. I loved your podcast and think you are a great role model for women who stutter. You are truly an inspiration to the stuttering community. Best of luck to you!!!!

Thanks so much Lori! I was so happy when Pam asked me to do this podcast because I wanted to get my story out there and hopefully inspire others. Hope you’re doing well. -Nina

Great job Nina! I enjoyed meeting you in Cleveland and hope to see you in Texas.

Hello Pam and Nina!

This is another great podcast. Nina, I had the pleasure of meeting you and your mom as you both were one of the many first-timers attending the NSA conference in Cleveland.

One of the sub-processes in the journey of self-acceptance is a person who stutters is the process of “coming into your own.” Nina, there are many people who would stop at taking on one challenge because by doing so, they would fear all their energy would be drained. But to student teach and be the president of your student government and be called on for many speaking engagements clearly shows that you have come into your own and not only are you embracing this, but you are relishing these challenges and have the “sexy confidence” in yourself to know that there isn’t anything that can stop you.

It’s all about the climb, as Miley would say. And yours is just beginning!


“amazing. i’m playing it in my stuttering class tonight =)”

Great job Nina. I am a stutterer who hides a lot from facing it, as I drive myself crazy just trying to avoid doing things or situations that show my stutter.

You are truly an inspiration to me.

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