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Think With Your Heart – Episode 25

Posted on: September 16, 2010

Episode 25 features Katherine Preston, who lives in Chicago, IL via London, England. I had heard about Katherine about two years ago through some of the stuttering email groups. She was writing a book about stuttering and was looking for people to interview.

I met Katherine at the Friends Convention this past July in Chicago. We got to chatting at one of the workshops. She mentioned she was writing a book and I mentioned that I had recently started this podcast for women who stutter to share their stories. We knew there and then that we would eventually have this conversation!

Katherine has a great story. She was trained as a writer/journalist, but found her way into working in Finance in London. She wanted to write a book, so that she could find the bigger meaning of stuttering. She knew it was much bigger than her own experience.

Katherine tells of interviewing two people who stutter in the UK, and then determining that if she was going to do this book right, she would need a much broader scope.  She shares her decision to leave London and come to the US, where she traveled around the country eventually interviewing more than 100 people who stutter.

Part of her story includes the journey itself, which included camping out and staying at stranger’s houses. I learned about a unique form of travel adventure known as couch surfing, which I want to try!

Listen in as we talk about random moments, acceptance, voluntary stuttering, dating/socializing and of course the next steps towards the completion of Katherine’s book. I try in vain to determine what the name of the book will be!

Credit for the podcast safe music clip “Echoed” goes to ccMixter

Feel free to leave feedback or questions for either Katherine or Pam here.

9 Responses to "Think With Your Heart – Episode 25"

(:0] !!!!!!

Hi Katherine-
What a great story! It will be exciting when your book comes out. It sounds like it will help a lot of people. I think you have definitely showed so much courage by traveling around the way you did.
Will your journey of how you traveled and found people be in your book too?

Laurie, thank you so much for your encouragement…if this book does end up helping a few people that would be wonderful. My hope is that it will at least give people an bit of an education on what it means to live a life with a stutter. The journey, the people I met and how I met them will all be in the book.

Very interesting story. Somehow, Katherine and Pam are doing the same kind of exercise, in different manners.

Except Katherine is including men as well. Pam is biased towards the women’s experience! 🙂
But your right – very interesting as Katherine’s story unfolded, like both of us were kindred spirit, embarking on this journey, without the other knowing what we were up to!

Hi Pam and Katherine!

I really love listening to these recordings and get so much out of them. Katherine, to want to do this type of undertaking shows how dynamic the ability is to make a difference in this world. You and Jeremy were missed in Cleveland. I am so excited to find out what will happen when you get that text or call from an agent when he has the news that you will have an offer. I am very grateful that we crossed paths and I have a strong feeling you will have numerous successes-you already have.

And Pam, I wanted to share this anecdote with you. Although this might be too much information (LOL), every night before I go to sleep, I spend five minutes of quiet reflection where I wear my NSA name tag around my neck. In this crazy world we live in, it gives me the power to know that there are others who will stand up for others and be there to celebrate, to laugh, to cry, and share everything that stuttering is and what it will be.

You truly are a “Stutter Rock Star” in every sense of the word. You’re the rock star, I’m the karaoke star 😉


Steven – Thanks for the message. Jeremy and I missed everyone in Cleveland. Next year! Good luck with everything.

Pam and Burt – Kindred spirits indeed! My book pretty evenly matches the ‘real-world’ ratios of women and men stutterers but I love that this podcast is a place for women to take the limelight.

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