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Reclaiming Her Space – Episode 17

Posted on: August 6, 2010

Episode 17 features Nina G: Comedian, who hails from the San Francisco Bay area of California. This is a place I hope to visit someday.

Nina is the world’s funniest female comedian who stutters (at least until she finds another one). She performs at comedy clubs and events in her community.

Nina also does motivational speaking and keynote presentations. She blends a combination of humor, activism and education about the experience of people with disabilities.

I got to know Nina through on-line social media (Face book) and spoke with her by phone. I was quite intrigued with someone who stutters willing to test the vulnerable waters of stand-up comedy.

We have a great conversation and cover a lot of ground. As always, the time flies when chatting with women who reveal their stories. Nina will most certainly be a repeat visitor to the show. We barely scratched the surface.

Listen in as we chat about how Nina got started in comedy and the positive use of humor to teach people about disabilities. We mention one of my favorite television programs (and admitted guilty pleasure), Glee. We also mention the rather glaring absence of women who stutter (actually stutter, not used to stutter) as role models in the media.

You can learn more about Nina, upcoming performances and booking information on her Face book fan page.

Leave comments or questions for Nina. Feedback is good. For me too! It lets me know people are listening and I am getting it right.

The musical clip used in this episode is called “Scott Waves to April’s Salty Grace” and is podcast safe music under Creative Commons licensing. No copyright infringement here!


12 Responses to "Reclaiming Her Space – Episode 17"

Hi Pam & Nina
This was great! I like the part abut women giving up space to men. Boy that really hit home. I know I do that a lot, I do it with a male who also stutters. Doing workshops or talking to local groups, I always say “you go first”. Nina you have so much courage. Humor is so great when you stutter. 🙂 Your opening is great! Your response to the guy who mock you was the best. I just loved this.

I love how I used a verbal secondary when I said that I don’t do secondaries. Let me rephrase, I love how I used a (its a) verbal secondary! 🙂

Listening about feelings, situations, and reactions open my mind; I’m happy I’m learning about this in such a nice way. I enjoyed this interview so very much!

Very, very interesting interview! (I’m a non-stuttering male comic who met Nina about a month ago—she’s very funny!)

I had no idea about the “secondary” strategy, nor of a number of the subtler slights and unconscious insults experienced by people who stutter. (Is “stutterer” a word to be avoided, BTW?)

Hey Bob, thanks for listening and commenting. Nina is a treasure. We who stutter are very fortunate to have someone willing to put herself out there like that to the world.
As for wording, either is OK according to preference. Many like people first wording as in person who stutters. It defines the stutter as only part of us.
Others are OK with stutterer – you probably wouldn’t call a skier a person who skis or a wrestler a person who wrestles.
So, best thing – pay attention to how she (or he) identifies self, or better yet, ASK!


yep! Bob has observed them first hand ;-).

I seems odd that Nina G’s story seems to be so similar to Dr. Nina Giselli who was interviewed on stuttertalk a while back. She said the same thing that Dr. Nina did about word-switching.

Word switching is pretty common with people who are trying not to stutter. Maybe thats the similarity you saw.

Glad I’m not the only one who hates “Glee”. Faking a stutter to get out of presenting was offensive.

Oh my gosh I love Nina’s sense of humor with her stuttering and comedy.. and her comeback to that guy before he even made fun of her! Awesome!!

Excellent episode. I have to confess that I am always totally amazed by the deepness of Nina’s thoughts. Like, the notion of stutterers “reclaiming their space”, that’s a complete programme in itself.

Having listened to this, I am haunted by a question: if I listened to one of Nina’s show, would I find it funny? I think I would be paralyzed by the idea that, if I did not, it would mean that I am not smart enough to capture the humour.

[…] and sought-after comedian. If you have not yet been introduced to Nina, check her out here in Reclaiming Her Space and Standing […]

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