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Embrace What You Don’t Want Episode 15

Posted on: July 25, 2010

Episode 15 features Lisette Wesseling, who hails all the way from Wellington, New Zealand. I met Lisette two years ago at the NSA conference that was held in Parsippany, NJ.

Since then, we have stayed in touch through various social media and the covert email group. I was delighted to spend some time again with Lisette when she returned to the US to attend the recent NSA conference in Cleveland, OH.

Lisette is a woman of many talents and of course has a wonderful story to share. Lisette is a Soprano singer, a singing teacher, and also works in a non-profit organization that disseminates information for Braille users.

We talk about a number of things related to the covert stuttering experience and how important it is, that when ready, you receive the right treatment approach. Lisette shares how for a while she received the wrong treatment and what impact that had on her. She shares her experiences with “Smooth Speech” which is the common therapy for stutterers in New Zealand and a bit about the therapy she is currently doing now.

We also discuss the differences in how stuttering may be perceived in the “artsy creative” world vs. corporate culture. And we visit voluntary stuttering, holding and looking at a stuttering moment and how the evolution of the internet has allowed for shared self-help, resources and therapy approaches.

Listen in, agree or disagree and feel free to leave feedback for Lisette, and me as well, if you wish. The comments left here often generate great discussion.

Musical credit for “Silver Shine” goes to Dano Songs.

5 Responses to "Embrace What You Don’t Want Episode 15"

Great episode ladies ..I can relate to your feelings LIsette , I feel I’m about where you are, still slightly covert but able to let it go a little at a time !!!

Thanks Lisa. I feel privileged to be able to connect with so many fantastic women like yourself who are all going through similar journeys. Thanks for your support.

The school project story reminded me of an avoidance I did in a high school French class.

Remember the film strip projectors? We had to create our own film strips and narrate the story to the class.

My avoidance? I made a silent movie!

Lisette story of coping with stuttering,is very like myself.
I tried all my life to be covert,so i didn’t talk with everybody else than my parents.
After “fluency shaping” treatments i could successfully hiding
my stuttering while talking, with more people .
But i lived with such a fear ,and with strangers or in bad times
i couldn’t talk at all like the past.
When i was in safe environment i talked total fluently,
and with other i couldn’t speak at all.
A lot of people including my past therapist said to me that i am not so severe stutterer or stutterer at all.
In Israel also i didn’t find the proper treatment for my stuttering.
Only when i heard Stutter-talk i understood that i can stutter without such struggle.
I also have help from An american SLP that guide me by Skype .
The feeling of talking with less fear is so amazing,
and for a stutterer that all his day was based on fear to talk
this is great achievement.
This episode proved to me that like Greg Snyder say our fears and action is “normal reaction to ab-normal situation”
And it is possible to change this fear and reaction to it.
(If you read it Dani , sometime i will send you mp3 i am a little lazy)
Thank for Your broadcasts Ari

Sure, send it along, Ari!

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