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All Your Worst Fears – Episode 10

Posted on: June 25, 2010

Episode 10 (already!) features Christine from London, England. I met Christine when I visited the UK several months ago and attended a British Stammering Association -BSA-meeting. It was a great opportunity for me to meet women from another country who understand the stuttering journey. They were just like me!

We have kept in touch through email and Face book, and most certainly will chat again soon.

Christine has an active interest in the woman’s stuttering experience and was instrumental in getting a telephone support group for women up and running in the UK. She also has supported and attended social gatherings for persons who stammer in the London area.

Christine and I chat about career paths and acceptance. We also dive into a very honest, very powerful discussion of how stutterers feel when hearing other stutterers, perhaps more severe. We both agree that this is a topic – feelings – not talked about often enough.

It raises a very real point. How can we talk about our feelings to people who don’t stutter if we are not willing to dive into the tougher stuff with each other?

Listen in! Please feel free to leave comments or questions for Christine, and applaud her for being vulnerable with us. Thanks Christine!

Musical credit for the clip “Today Then Tomorrow” goes to Dano Songs.

9 Responses to "All Your Worst Fears – Episode 10"

Go Christine… patience is not one of my strongest point and I should know better but you had me hooked right up to the last minute and I am so glad I listened right up to the end 🙂 x

A brilliant podcast ladies, Christine I have to agree with Pam ,I was wary of the severity of your stammering ,especially that week we all went to the BSA meeting was the first time in my life I’d met other people who stammer .
However when I met you in London a few weeks ago although I was nervous of the whole experience of going to the City Lit and meeting you , within minutes of meeting you it was ok and we I feel chatted like old friends and for the first time I could chat to you and not worry what I sounded like and I didn’t after a while hear the stammer ,just the conversation ,its like you become part of the flow of the conversation no matter how fluent or un-fluent it is .I truly thankful for you bailing me out .
I also love the fact that you want to be covert as yes as you rightly put it are so ruddy well overt …nope sorry no hiding it lol.
I’m also definately attending the open day at the BSA in September as you never know I might meet Mr Right !!!!
Thanks again
Lisa x

You know what, Lisa, what your saying about how you don’t hear the stuttering anymore, is exactly the reason behind the title of this blog. We need to Make Room for the Stuttering, and we do that just as you said, when we don’t hear it anymore and just hear the person and the conversation.

As I played back the conversation between me and Christine, I realized I was hanging on her every word.

I am reminded of my good friend who inspired the name of this blog. He told me once, “when you talk,I don’t hear stuttering. You make room for it amongst all the other parts of what you say”. He told me I was one of the most articulate people he has ever known. That of course blew me away, because as a stutterer, I never believed anyone would think or say that.


that was an awesome podcast christine you rock! your so right about people who stutter being whole heartedly honest with other people who stutter! thats where the strength lies

Hi Christine!
What a wonderful podcast! I’m a friend of Pam’s and we just listened. Thank-you so much for sharing your story, I learned so much!
Take Care,

Hi Pam,

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this podcast 🙂 I think it’s really important for people overall (whether they stutter or not) to hear different types and severities (sp?) of stammering. I think the honesty both of you showed in this podcast was really amazing!

Well done Christine, your determination and honesty really shines through 🙂 I really want to find out the whole story about how you met Allan as well!

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Paul Lewin. Paul Lewin said: RT @stammer: Podcast featuring a wide-ranging interview with a female BSA member who noticeably stammers, […]

Hi Christine-
I applaud you for coming on. Believe it or not, I used to stutter very severely. I learned to breathe in a more comfortable way and ease into my words. I also learn and teach how to delve into the psychological aspects of stuttering. Are you open to treatment or do you accept that you stutter and feel therapy is useless? I am a speech path by the way.
Pam, I love your podcasts, but would still love to hear from more women who have had successful speech therapy. I think adults especially need help and hope. YOu can accept but still not struggle. Tk you both

Hi Pam and Christine,

This was a really interesting and informative podcast. Having worked with Christine I know what a wonderful person she is and evidence of her bravery and honesty can be heard in this podcast. Christine has always been highly admired and respected in the workplace by library customers and her colleagues. Good on you Christine!

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