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The Waitress

Posted on: January 8, 2015

tomato-soup-grilled-cheese-sandwich-large-51094She looked at me sort of quizzically while I placed my order, but she didn’t bat an eye and smiled the same smile she always does when I stop in. I don’t think she really cared that I asked for “lllllllemon” in my ice water.

When the waitress brought my water, it had the lemon I had asked for, that’s all that mattered.

I’ve never really liked going to restaurants by myself. I’ve always found it a bit uncomfortable. I used to imagine people saying to themselves, “Oh, that poor lady, she’s eating alone.”

I’ve gotten over that as I’ve matured and realized that people don’t think about me when they’re dining out.

So, now I feel comfortable going to a few restaurants by myself. Especially since I can do like everyone else does – whip out my smart phone and check emails or texts. Not having to make eye contact with anyone simplifies matters when you’re dining alone.

Well, on this day, the waitress wanted to chat. God forbid, right? Chatting in a restaurant like we used to do in the good old days.

The waitress wanted to know what brought me in at an off time of the day. I was there mid-afternoon and there was only one couple sitting together at the counter.

I mentioned that I was between a-a-a-appointments and had not eaten lllllllunch yet. She asked me what I wanted to order.

I was in the mood for comfort food and asked for a gr-gr-gr-grilled cheese sand-sand-sand-wich and to-to-to-mato soup.

She looked at me and smiled and said she’d wait all day for me to say what I had to say and she hoped I expected everyone else to do the same.

I took a chance and said, “well, not everyone is patient, you know.”

The waitress then simply said, “well, honey, fuck them, then. They’re not worth your time.”

And five minutes later she brought me my soup and sandwich and set it on the table, winked, smiled and went on about her business.

That was the best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever had.

7 Responses to "The Waitress"

That’s such a great story. And maybe a life motto.

T-t-t-t-terrific. Hope that waitresses got an enormous tip.

Yes she did! I tipped her more than the bill actually came to! 🙂

love this story. I had a boss like this once. I developed the habit early of telling authority figures in my life, and later my bosses that i had an impediment. I don’t know if I should be pissed or thankful that they never cared. The bosses had be covering the phones at lunch anyway, stutter or not, answer the phone (lol). On a sidenote: the intercom at those jobs was the worst for me–I could fake my way through some of the calls but paging people–I just never knew how that would go each day. Anyway, after i got hired at another job, I told my boss, as I’d told others, “you may have picked up on it but I had a slight stutter. I’ve had it since I was 8 or 9 and it is what it is…”. She waved her hand in the air as I was speaking, almost in a dismissive manner, so, naturally, my instinct is to get pissed off. Then she said “hey, we all have something to get over. You are capable of doing this job. Now, you stop telling people about this stutter as if there is something wrong with YOU and you have to warn us. If somebody can’t handle the way you speak, in a manner that is respectful to you, then they are impaired and you have power in knowing that to be true….now, we will need you on the rotation to cover the front desk, though” LOL

That was 14 years ago and we’re still friends 😉

People like this waitress are great gifts from God, truly. A woman at a drive thru once did something like this: she said “ma’am it’s cool. Take your time. I’m listening and ready to take your order.” A car honked and she said “people get impatient with us at the drive thru all the time, take your time and finish your thought”. I wrote a letter to the chain headquarters about her lol

Courageous – thanks for taking the time to read and leave so many great, insightful comments. I am so glad to hear that this blog has been helpful for you. I try hard to share my own experiences and be completely honest, so that maybe others can benefit. I hope you have great success in the Toastmasters club you wind up joining.

It sounds like you are on a great journey of acceptance of your own stuttering. Please, check in often and keep the great comments coming.


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