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Very Little Interaction

Posted on: May 7, 2013

I’ve noticed that on days when I have very little opportunity for speaking that my stuttering is more pronounced when I do finally speak.

Has anyone had that experience?

I’ll notice it when I have to make a telephone call, that I’ll trip or block on words that I hardly ever do. It must be the lack of practice!

My friend J has a similiar experience. He works from home every other week, so does not have that social contact and interaction that you usually find in the workplace.

He then has more silent blocks when he gets back to consistent talking.

I have suggested that he try voluntary stuttering in these situations. He doesn’t always take my suggestions.

I have tried voluntary stuttering myself, when I want to claim more control or even to advertise when I think I’m going to stutter a lot.

What do you think?

4 Responses to "Very Little Interaction"

I have noticed this for sure. Sometimes i don’t speak until late in the day and people look at me funny because i’m stuttering so much. I once did a 10 day silent retreat, and could hardly talk afterwards!

Yes, I have noticed this too. I had a job for about 2 years where I had to give public education talks, answer the phone, and generally deal with the public. In my current job, for the past 3 years, I go for days without talking to anyone for very long and am doing a lot of technical work that the average person would not be interested in or understand. Now, my speech is dramatically worse, I think, and I have a hard time giving presentations or speaking up in meetings. Maybe I should make myself talk more!

Yes, I have experienced the same thing. Minimal speaking=Minimal fluency. Someone suggested to read aloud as a way to increase fluency; even singing can help. So on the days where interaction is limited, those two strategies should prove useful.

Thanks for stopping by Cynthia and taking the time to reply. I hope you check in often.

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