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Not Third String – Male Episode 5

Posted on: February 13, 2012

Episode 5 of this series of conversations with men who stutter features John Paskievich, who hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. John is an award winning stills photographer and documentary film maker

When trying to find his life’s work, John picked up a camera and realized he enjoyed working with still images. He went on to pursue a free lance career as a photographer and documentary film maker, despite being told early on that he shouldn’t, due to his stuttering.

Listen in as we talk about how that made John feel, as well as his insecurities about stuttering and his self-denial that his stuttering wasn’t bothering him. It was! We also delve into talk of acceptance, that stuttering is “not our fault” and that fluent people should “get over” their own anxieties about what to do when one encounters someone who stutters.

We also chat about the film John made about stuttering, that he titled “Unspeakable.” He chose it for the double meaning that it connotes – that if you stutter, you sometimes feel you can’t speak, as well as the taboo associated with stuttering. And we talk of the tendency that stutterers have of trying to please our listener.

This was a great conversation, filled with lots of laughter and humor. I enjoyed this very candid conversation with a guy who has come a long way on his stuttering journey.

Please leave comments for John or myself in the comment section. Feedback is a gift.

Music used in this episode is credited to ccMixter.

4 Responses to "Not Third String – Male Episode 5"

Pam, I loved this podcast and looked up John Paskievich, and he (as a typical stutterer) certainly doesn’t toot his own horn. He has done a lot of documentaries, all of which sound very interesting to me. I’m trying to find out how to get hold of the one on stuttering. (I love the title he used for that one….”Unspeakable”….an amazing title.) Thanks for this podcast, as always.

Very inspirational! I really love what you are doing for the community.

Hi Pam
I just listened to the podcast.
Thanks for the opportunity to talk about stuttering.
Hopefully we can meet and talk in person sometime.
keep up the good work

Another great conversation between two people whom I Admire. John, I must tell you that Unspeakable was the first documentary/movie about stuttering which I saw in the year 2009 and watching it with a bunch of pws is very healing! As I saw you on wiki, I found and I must say you work is breathtaking!

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