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Avoidance Reduction

Posted on: September 29, 2011

I finally have been able to upload and edit this clip of Vivian Sisskin discussing her avoidance reduction therapy at the FRIENDS conference this past July. For some reason, I was unable to upload it to YouTube from my home computer.

And no, I wasn’t avoiding posting it!

Vivian’s approach to stuttering therapy continues to intrigue me, as it deals directly with our fears of stuttering publicly. For people who stutter covertly, avoidance reduction is key to desensitization.

Vivian gave me permission to publish. I have about 10 minutes more as well, which I hope to publish soon. Feel free to leave feedback.

2 Responses to "Avoidance Reduction"

Thank you very much for this video!
I want to add that this method is useful also to people that stutter overtly or to people that tense very hard when they stutter or have very hard silent blocks.
One of the main points of the philosophy of Joseph Sheehan was that
the main problem of the stutterer is trying hiding his stuttering.
Hiding stuttering can mean avoiding situations,words and trying to be covert.But hiding stuttering can be also ,tensing very hard to avoid stuttering,stuttering without sound so the other person wont hear our stuttering.
When i was afraid to talk i couldn’t even start saying any sound,and after i
was exposed to the Sheehan’s philosophy i understood that in order to change it ,i need to stutter more and more,cause that was a way to hide my audibly stuttering.
Thanks again Ari

[…] made her “covert.” Proof that covert stuttering is indeed complex! We also discussed Vivian Sisskin’s avoidance reduction therapy, and how that helped Darcy look at her stuttering […]

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