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Joy and Playfulness – Episode 65

Posted on: August 29, 2011

Episode 65 features Guðbjörg Ása Jóns Huldudóttir, or Gudda, an actress who hails from Reykjavík, Iceland. We chatted while Gudda is in Wroclaw, Poland, where she is in residence at the Grotowski Institute with her theater company, Bred in the Bone.

Gudda got involved in theater when she was about 23 years old. She started off taking some evening classes and then joined a non-professional acting group in Reykjavík. It was only after she had become involved with the Icelandic Stuttering Association (Málbjörg)  that she gained the self-confidence and courage to have a go at theater.

Gudda shares how she first became involved with the stuttering community as a young person at an ELSA conference (European League of Stuttering Associations.)

She shares hearing for the first time ever a person who stutters give a public speech. That person was Anita Blom, who is an inspiring presence in the global stuttering community. Gudda has since facilitated her own theater workshop at an ELSA conference. She shares how wonderful it was to bring the joy and playfulness of theater to young people who stutter.

We also discuss advertising stuttering and educating others. As she puts it, we have stuttered all of our lives and are used to it. We have to take care of those who are not, to reduce misunderstanding and patronization.

Credit for the podcast safe music used in this episode goes to ccMixter. Tell us what you think of this episode. Feedback is a gift!

4 Responses to "Joy and Playfulness – Episode 65"

Good episode. Both yourself and Gudda really talk a lot of sense.

shalom pam, my name is yaakov and i’m from israel. i love the Room you Make For The Stuttering. pam, in this Episode i can hear you but i can’t hear the other lady. do you know way it happend?

Hi Yaakov,
Thanks for listening. I have no idea why you would only hear one side of the audio. I always make sure that I mix the tracks down to one monologue conversation, and I can hear both sides fine on my laptop at home and at work.
Are your speakers balanced?
Anyway you can try downloading it from Itunes and listening to it via a mp3 player?
Glad to know I am reaching Israel. Hanan has told me a link to my site is translated into Hebrew and posted on the Israeli Stuttering Association.
Hope you listen often and leave feedback when you can!

hi pam,
it is o.k. now (i don’t know realy way…)

i’m translating part off your posts in tapuz’s stuttering forum…

here is the lost one…

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