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Bittersweet Performance – Episode 63

Posted on: August 8, 2011

Episode 63 features “regular guest” Nina G who hails from San Francisco, CA. Nina bills herself as the Bay Area’s only female stuttering comic. She has been performing stand-up comedy for well over a year and has become a favorite in the Bay area comedy community.

Nina G has been featured twice before on this podcast, and we are so fortunate to see and hear her progression from just starting out in comedy, to being a successful and sought-after comedian. If you have not yet been introduced to Nina, check her out here in Reclaiming Her Space and Standing Up.

In today’s episode, we talk about what it was like for Nina G to perform for the first time in front of a stuttering audience. With the help of some friends from the NSA, Nina performed live at Rick O’Shea’s in downtown Ft Worth Texas. There were over 100 people who stutter in the audience, which is not the norm for any of Nina’s shows.

We talk about how that felt, being kind of surreal to finally be performing in front of “her people” and the bittersweet feeling knowing that she won’t soon get this opportunity again. It also felt surreal for me, to be in the audience and hear and watch Nina perform live, as I have previously only seen videos of her performance. (And I was recording!)

Credit for the podcast safe music used in this episode goes to ccMixter.

Below are two videos clips of Nina’s performances. The first is the “live” performance at Rick O’Shea’s in Ft Worth, Texas. Listen for where Nina “shouts me out” twice! (You can be sure I was thrilled to know I was recording when I heard that!) And the second video is Nina explaining to an audience back home what it feels like to have “stuttering withdrawal.”

Feel free to leave comments for either Nina or me. Feedback is a gift, and important. Be part of the dialogue!

5 Responses to "Bittersweet Performance – Episode 63"

I really enjoyed this episode. It not only gave me some back story to the formation of this memorable night but also took me back to the conference (still on the high!).

Nina described it perfectly – the conference does plant seeds. This year I noticed a lot of my new and old friends eagerly wanting to put their various talents to try new inspired ideas by the conference. Myself included.


I have never been to a convention. I have never known about them,but I have no way to get to one,so I have these podcasts to listen to and friending stutter buddies on Facebook lol. I am just coming out on Facebook as a stutterer and I am sure most of my family and friends I have on there have never read my INFO which tells about me stuttering. I cannot comment too much about the convention you all went to,but the part of this story I related to the most was when Nina said her family was dysfunctional and how both Pam and Nina are still not totally confident with stuttering.All that part of the story kinda got to me and almost made me cry lol. My family is the same way and I was teased by my dad and a few other family members growing up which I think has really messed me up in my head now that I think about things.I wonder though if Nina performs in front of people who don’t stutter and if so, how do they act? And does she feel less confident and scared? She is an inspiration in my eyes and I hope she takes it further and actually becomes famous and goes on TV to either perform or just tell people what it’s like for us and how much it hurts to be laughed and teased at. Nina is very talented and a huge inspiration. I have watched her videos lol….she is good and should be very proud! I wonder what her family thinks about her stand up comedy. If she were part of my family I’d be proud of her! This was a good episode.

I really enjoyed watching Nina’s standup routine on you tube. I so admire your ability to stand up and tell jokes in front of people-fluent or stuttering. You are really funny!! Keep going. Hope you get your own TV show one day!!

Thanks for posting the clip from Ft. Worth. Nina was hilarious! What she said about “if you stutter and you get on stage, self-esteem is not your problem” is so true. I’ve been told or treated like I have low self-esteem so often that I believed it for most of my life, but recently I’ve been feeling the exact opposite–when I think about the speeches I’ve given, the countries I’ve traveled to alone, the people I’ve talked to–all with a stutter, I am certainly not a shrinking violet. None of us are, who know what’s waiting for us and still go out there every day to meet it.

I am glad I recorded it, and glad Nina consented to my posting it. That was totally her call – being her first time performing to an almost all stuttering crowd.

And you are so right – you have done a LOT – certainly no shrinking violet, not YOU!

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