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What Impact Means

Posted on: April 20, 2011

A few weeks ago I had a chance encounter with someone who is a blogger and writer. I experienced one of those times when a whole series of events occurred that was absolutely meant to happen. I wrote about it here!

A friend of mine who stutters shared her original work at a local public reading event. I was there to listen, record and cheer her on. After the readings, I found the courage to introduce myself to the woman who teaches my friend’s writing class. We talked and in just a few minutes, shared that we were both bloggers and what we wrote about.

Marion asked me to send her the link to my blog and podcast and she would feature it on her blog, She Said, She Said, one of those featured on The Sister Project. The Sister Project was started by Marion Roach and her sister Margaret Roach. As described on their blog, The Sister Project “is a network of blogs about the many facets of the word sister, and the concept of sisterhood. A sisterhood of sister blogs, you could say”.

Of course, sisters and sisterhood resonates with me. I have four sisters, and have been podcasting with women who stutter from all over the world for almost a year. So I am delighted to see that both my blog and the women who stutter podcast was featured on The Sister Project yesterday.

And I absolutely love the title of the piece, Meet A Sisterhood of Triumph. Please go over there and take a look, now!  Check it out if you are interested in stuttering and especially if you are a woman who has shared her story. Our voices are being heard.

These three lines grabbed me, and made me realize what “impact” means:

“I enjoyed that rare and wonderful feeling when admiration begins a sisterhood where only moments before there was none. When referring to herself as a unicorn, I had somehow mistakenly pictured my student as the only adult female stutterer out there. Crazy, I know, but it happened, and suddenly I saw this sisterhood”.

Thank you Marion for honoring women who stutter with a piece on your blog tagged “sisters we admire.” Visit The Sister Project often. Good things are happening over there.

2 Responses to "What Impact Means"

Wow, I love how we female stutterers are called “creatures of myth” because we are so rare! And then I was looking at the art work of Amanda Blake which has nothing to do with stuttering but which has a link on the Sisterhood Project and I can imagine a whole mythological world of female stutterers! This is how to turn stuttering into something positive! And all because each of us knows Pam and have talked to her here…….

Hannah, yeah isn’t that great? I love the sisterhood idea and their blog is great. And I agree, creatures of myths – a world full of female stutterers, who all understand the complex emotions we have, and sometimes try to deny. Positive indeed! Thanks for checking it out!

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