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Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway Episode 38

Posted on: December 20, 2010

Episode 38  features Maria McGrath, who hails from Santa Barbara, California. She was born in Ireland and lived in London for a long time before moving to America just over a year ago. She trained and worked as an accountant, and has recently begun the adventure of bringing the McGuire Programme to the US.

I “met” Maria after reading a wonderful article she wrote, called “My Turn: Stifled by a Stutter”, which was printed in The LA Times. I emailed her my thoughts about her article, and invited her to tell her story here.  The health section of the LA Times published her piece in conjunction with the opening of the new movie, “The King’s Speech”. (which has huge potential to increase stuttering awareness all over the world).

Listen in as Maria and I chat about her younger days and some of the purposeful avoidance situations she found herself in. Maria is a great story-teller, as you’ll easily tell. We also talk about confidence, being in control, and moving through fearful situations.

Maria is taking great leaps outside of her comfort zone with her recent work in figuring out ways to advertise the McGuire programme here in the US. Information for the international McGuire programme can be found here.

Maria would be happy to chat with anyone interested in learning more about how the McGuire programme changed her life. She can be reached at (805)727-3734 and her Skype name is mariamcgrath.

Credit for the podcast safe music, Today Then Tomorrow, used in today’s episode goes to DanoSongs.

Feel free to comment or ask questions for Maria in the comment section, and Pam always loves to hear your feedback too!

4 Responses to "Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway Episode 38"

happy christmas. always follows to you

Hi Maria and Pam

I loved listening to your blog… its always lovely when you know both parties in the podcast. I related lots to your story Maria, we have lots in common and I got family in Long Island too!!.

I did a podcast with Pam a long time ago, cant remember the number of it.. have a listen if you can find it..

Happy Christmas to you two ! xx

Hey Sheila – your amazing episode was #14. One of these days, we should try a three-way conversation and have you Irish lasses chat with the Yankee more about the Mcguire technique.
And I agree – it is so nice to listen to folks you know.
I absolutely loved Maria’s stories – and obviously did not know you two had a connection.
It is amazing how these conversations are so opening up my world, and heart, to many wonderful women. xx

[…] and I were introduced by Maria McGrath, featured in Episode 38. Perla shares how the McGuire therapy program changed her life. Perla explains many of the […]

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