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Women Who Stutter – Episode 14

Posted on: July 19, 2010

Episode 14 has been removed from the podcast archives.

This episode featured a woman that I got to meet when I visited the UK for the first time a few months ago (March/April 2010.) It was such a delight to meet her in person, and her family, after having only “met” S on-line through social media.

She invited me and and two other new friends into her home for a beautiful luncheon. After lunch, we had a tour of her home town and the seacoast of England. We also sat around her kitchen table over tea talking about everything women everywhere talk about.

It was one of the best experiences in my life. I look forward to when our paths cross again.

8 Responses to "Women Who Stutter – Episode 14"

Pam –
As a stutterer, I just wanted you to know that I think you are doing a really good thing for yourself and others who stutter – especially females – by your blogging and podcasts. Good luck in the future, and no matter what, keep talking!

Thanks for the great feedback. I appreciate it. Somedays I wonder if I should keep going, if it really is making a difference, and then I read something like this.
Your name sounds familiar, like I may have communicated with you perhaps on another forum or conference.
You too – keep talking!

Thanks Shelia and Pam ,for yet again another wonderful recording , Its listening to these that keeps me believing that accepting my stammer and letting it be heard instead of hiding is the right thing to do and to be me !!!
Cheers girls xxxx

thanks for the feedback guys… nice of you to take the time to comment… …. Pam do you think people listen to every episode and don’t comment or people don’t have time or not interested or many too may episodes too frequently… ??????

thanks for the opportunity anyway
much love

I think it may be a combination of things. I don’t think its too many episodes too frequently. I purposely have to force myself to not post too soon. I try to have 5-7 days between episodes. I think as people find it, they listen where they learn about it.So if they just found it two weeks ago, they might only listen to the last ones.

I think some people listen to them on I Tunes at their convenience and don’t comment as there is no place to do that. Especially if you listen while on the train or on a lunch break or whatever. Some people do listen to every episode – they tell me. Some people just really don’t like to leave comments – it then identifies them as a stutterer, and as we both know, some people are horrified to do that.

I feel like you a little -I would love feedback on every single episode. But thats not gonna happen. I know that we are touching lives somewhere and making a difference. Women need to hear other women who sound like them. I think people are tuning in and listening, and we may never know. And thats OK. And much love to you too, rock star!

I think you sort of sound like a movie star when you talk with your breath-i-ness. Do you always use techniques to speak?
Do you recommend Toastmasters to help stutterers get more control of their speech?
I enjoyed listening to you. And Pam!

Hi Ben

Sorry for my late reply, I must admit to being despondent with no comments so thank you, thank you , thank you !!

Why thank you very much.. you know Marlyin Monroe stammered and she used that deep and breathy tone to help her.. not that I will follow in her footsteps 🙂

I wouldn’t say Toastmasters necessarily helped me gain control of my stammering BUT it certainly helped to reduce the fear level in my head of speaking in front of groups of people, lets face it , you know you won’t get interruped then . TM (Toastmasters) also helped me with my poise, gestures, variation of tone when I speak and of course choosing positive language and words, and phrases all the time. It helped me to unfold the charisma that I always had but it was hidden by my stammer and most importantly TM helped me to make me a less selfish person who stammers. Fluent people have problems too!!

I so loved the natural flow between Pam and I , it worked – thanks Pam

best wishes

Sheila. What a great podcast. So open and honest.

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