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Lots Of Tough Stuff-Episode 3

Posted on: May 17, 2010

Episode 3 welcomes Annetta Price from Trinidad and Tobago. I first came to know Annetta when she started commenting on this blog and began sharing some of her own feelings about stuttering,which she had rarely made public.

We do a lot of honest talking about how stuttering makes us feel. We cover a lot in a short time, including some of the tough stuff, like feeling flawed, vulnerable and inadequate.

Annetta starts off by explaining that she prefers to be affectionately called Marie, because she can say that, instead of always stuttering on the “A” in the name Annetta.  I was very impressed that she shared that right off the bat – as that certainly is not easy to publicly admit.

This episode features my first attempt at adding a little intro music. It took me a long time to add a 15 second clip. I am confident that I will get better at this each week.  Musical credit for “Silver Shine” goes to “Free Royalty Free Music” by Dano Songs.

Annetta authors a wonderful blog herself, called Finally A Mom. Her blog has been commended by the community health blog-o-sphere, as her personal experiences helps many, many women. Check it out!

Feel free to leave comments or ask Annetta questions.

8 Responses to "Lots Of Tough Stuff-Episode 3"

Pam wow, this was great and the music adds so much.

At first I was terrified to hear myself speak on tape, but got comfortable soon after, as I listened. I did not realise I was stuttering so much and this is one of the reasons I do not like to hear myself on tape.

Thanks for the opportunity and I hope I will help, if it is even just one.

Thanks too for the promo of my blog.

The music is wonderful. It really added to it. Annetta, thanks for sharing your story. It is definitely hard to hear yourself on the air, but I am sure you helped others.

Annetta, you did a great job. I too have a hard time hearing myself recorded. I think it’s because we rarely hear ourselves like others hear us.

Good interview Marie. I know we have talked about how you feel about your stuttering over the years and even though I empathize, I know I will never quite fully understand how it is. All I can do is remind you that with the poise and grace with which you carry yourself, I cannot imagine anyone seeing you for anything less than the woman you are. After knowing Neil (your husband, my brother-in-law) for all these years, I only realized that he stutters when i heard you mention it in this interview. In perhaps my awkward way, I am saying I do not see you guys as flawed in anyway, but instead, wonderful and beautiful people.

Pam, blogs like these afford us a window into the lives of people who deal with things that we often do not take enough time to understand.
Love you,
Your sister, Joan

Marie, great interview. I know we have spoken about this over the years and I know you know I empathize. All someone like me can do is listen (and hear). And without minimizing what you feel, remind you that with the poise and grace with which you carry yourself, I cannot imagine anyone perceiving you as flawed. Also, hopefully to underscore this point, in all the years I have known Neil (your husband, my brother-in-law), I did not realise that he stuttered because we see you both as what you are – wonderful people. Pam, you are doing a great service – creating a window in your lives so others can become more informed and sensitized to what you go through on a daily basis.
Love you Marie,
Joan (your sister)

Thanks Lori and Sarah B.

Thanks to my sister Joan, for taking the time out to listen and give such encouraging feedback.

Love you lots.

I’m so proud of you Marie! It was such a pleasure listening to you on the tape, I’m pleased that you did it.

You are indeed a beautiful, poised and charming person, and I admire you for your strength of endurance throughout the years I’ve known you. No wonder Neil loves you so much.

You are a great sister-in-law. In fact you are my sister.

Love as always

Oh, thanks, sister-in-law, such kind words.

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