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I received a request from Casa Futura Technologies to provide some information here about their iPhone apps to be used for stuttering therapy.

Casa Futura makes medical technology for treating stuttering and other speech disorders. The company was founded in 1992 and is now the #1 manufacturer of stuttering treatment devices. More than 5,000 speech-language pathologists and stutterers use their devices.

They are applying for a grant that will enable them to provide training to SLPs to use the iPhone apps. If you are interested in getting a FREE app, please read the below information and follow the instructions.

Go to
– Click “Log in & Support.”
– In the “business name” search field enter “Casa Futura”.
– You’ll see “Casa Futura Technologies”. Click the blue “VOTE” button on the right.

MPiStutter is an iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) app to support Minimum Phonated Interval (MPI) stuttering therapy. It analyzes the user’s vocal fold activity and trains him or her to eliminate too-rapid speech elements and speak fluently at a normal speaking rate.

The fine print: You must vote before midnight Saturday, June 30. They are only giving free apps to SLPs. Consumers can request a free app from their SLP. Apple limits Casa Futura Technologies to 50 free copies of each app.

If they find a way around this restriction they will give an app free to everyone who votes. After you vote send an e-mail to requesting MPiStutter and include your ASHA membership number (or the name and e-mail address of your SLP.)

Disclosure: I have been offered a free download of the app to try and review.

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