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Human Nature And Stuttering

Posted on: March 2, 2015

Last night, in my bi-weekly Stutter Social Google+ Hangout, we had a great conversation about whether stuttering is part of human nature. There were varying opinions among the eight people involved in the discussion. Some felt pretty strongly that stuttering can’t be part of human nature since it only affects 1% of the population.

Others felt pretty strongly that it must be part of human nature since differences in height, vision and intelligence are part of human nature.

We got into discussing nature vs. nurture and whether stuttering is environmentally based.

And we discussed what is normal vs. abnormal, as somel felt that stuttering is abnormal speech.

Towards the end of the conversation, people pretty much decided for themselves personally whether stuttering is part of their human nature.

Stuttering is part of my nature. And I’m human, so I’d say stuttering is part of my human nature. It is a part of me that makes me ME. It’s in my makeup, part of my being, part of my brain. So, yes, I believe that stuttering is part of human nature.

Let’s continue the conversation. What do you think? Is stuttering part of human nature?

2 Responses to "Human Nature And Stuttering"

Hi Pam,
You are absolutely right your stutter becomes part of who you are and I am sure makes it harder to rid yourself of it. Some people (young!) run like a gazelle and others like an out of control windmill, substitute talk and you have my pet theory on stuttering. I am fortunate to have attained a high level of fluency (more on that in a minute). Now when I give my credit card details over the phone, an impossibility a few years back, I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not an imposter committing credit card fraud! It is a cognitive distortion no less, to the opposite extreme of those that plague you when you stutter .
I have commented before on breathing, but have now with a little more searching on the net found the science from some of America’s top universities to back up my recovery story.
So having got my ducks in a row I would invite you to my webpage it would be a privilege to have you visit.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the great feedback. I love your anecdote about the credit card fraud. I will definitely check out your blog.
I just flipped over there for a moment and see a couple of interesting pieces I’d like to read.

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