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Don’t Force It

Posted on: December 31, 2012

On this last day in December 2012, I looked back at some of the many posts I’ve written since February 2009. It’s wondrous to me that I’ve kept up with blogging for almost 4 years.  Not everyone can say that. It’s easy to start something. The hard part is sticking with it, and sustaining it.

Writing takes effort, time and persistence. We write in the hopes that other people will read and be moved. We’ve either inspired them, given them something to think about outside of their experience or have called them to action.

Writing about a pretty narrow topic for four years also takes something else – the ability to know when I have something to say and when I don’t. And to not force it when there’s nothing there. I learned that the hard way. When I first started blogging, I thought I had to write everyday.

Then I began to question that. Who said I had to write everyday in order to be a success? Being a success in my book began to mean sticking to it – persisting with writing good content. And how did I know I was writing good content? Because people were reading and leaving comments.

That was good enough for me.

Now, I see that “Don’t force it” also applies to my topic itself – stuttering. When I have something to say and I am having a particularly “stutter-y” day, the best thing to do is not force it. When caught in a block, I try to remind myself (as hard as that can be) to not force myself to push through it. Sometimes it makes the block worse.

The best thing is to stop, compose myself and breathe through the block. Taking a moment to just breathe, and not force anything, seems to help me to move forward, freely.

So it is with writing. Don’t force it – write when there is something to say. And don’t write when there is nothing to write about.

Oh, if only stuttering, and life, were so simple.

3 Responses to "Don’t Force It"

I LOVE your blog. I have everyone in our NSA groups reading it. You have become a resource that was so needed in our stuttering community. Thank you for all of your time and effort. Happy New Year and cheers to you and your blog!

I love your blog as well. It continues to be a source of inspiration for me, particularly when I’m feeling fearful or frustrated. It helps just to know others are working through the same things I am each day. Thanks for putting a voice to your thoughts.

Pam: I think that it’s a remarkable achievement to have sustained your blog for the past four years. Not only have you maintained an incredible level of enthusiasm and commitment but you’ve also had the energy to develop the blog in innovative ways. In addition to this, your writing is always of a consistently high standard. There’s no such thing as a dull post on this site! I suspect that none of us will ever have any real appreciation of the effort and work that goes into this blog. However, I hope that you have an appreciation of the benefits that so many of us derive from it. Happy Fourth Birthday and congratulations on being one of the best internet bloggers!

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