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Only All The Time – Male Episode 15

Posted on: August 27, 2012

Episode 15 of the series of conversations with men who stutter features Hanan Hurwitz, who hails from Ra’anana, Israel, via South Africa.

Hanan is an electrical engineer, and works for a company that makes server control equipment.

Hanan attended his first National Stuttering Association conference in 2010. We discuss the power of support and community and what a relief it is to realize that we are not alone.

Listen in to a rich conversation about Hanan’s journey, one which he describes as one of incremental steps.  He is excited about sharing his story, as it has been so valuable for him to hear others who have shared their stories.

We talk about avoidance, “mental gymnastics,” losing track of conversations, and talking about stuttering. One thing (among many) things that I loved in this conversation was when I asked Hanan if he does any advertising of his stutter.

His response: “People know I stutter because I stutter.”

Please leave comments for either of us in the comment section, or just let Hanan know what a great job he did. Feedback is a gift.

The music clip in this episode is credited to ccMixter.

3 Responses to "Only All The Time – Male Episode 15"

It was very interesting to listen to the podcast especially because I was able to connect with both of you in July at the NSA conference. It really resonated with me with what I’ve gone through. I took courage from that it doesn’t matter how long it takes when you’ve embarked on the positive side of the journey. Cheers for both of you!


Thank you Hanan for telling your story in such an honest and open way. Not matter where we are in our own journey…hearing from another always confirms we are on the right course and helps us remember the power of our connections. For someone who is new to the stuttering community at large…in a very short tme you have acheived so much courage and growth and have become an inspiration to us all. Sometimes…for someone like me who has been involved for a long time in the stuttering community it takes the freshness and candid feelings of another to remind us we too are on the right path and never alone.

And…thank you Pam for this amazing forum and for keeping us all connected.

Annie B.

I also enjoyed Hanan’s podcast. Obviously you’ve made a lot of strides through self-help. I especially liked what you said about taking small steps. Your pacing during the podcast was also excellent. Kol Hakavod!!

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