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Stutters Like A Rock Star – Episode 84

Posted on: April 9, 2012

Episode 84 features Miranda Smith, who hails from Florence, Kentucky. Miranda is a full-time college student at Northern Kentucky University, studying computer information technology, with a minor in computer forensics. She also works as a waitress.

Miranda is actively involved in the National Stuttering Association, serving as a board member on the Teen Advisory Council.

Listen in as we talk about how she got involved in the stuttering community, her feelings about stuttering, confidence and self-consciousness, and how she balances a very full plate. Well, waitresses are exceptionally good at that, right?

Miranda also talks about fund raising she has done for the National Stuttering Association and advertising she has done about stuttering. She shares how the “Stutter Like A Rock Star” bracelets were a big hit.

Even though I am the original “stutterrockstar” (@StutterRockStar on twitter and the url for this blog) it’s cool that Miranda took “stutterlikearockstar”as her email address. We are both making room for our stuttering and there is certainly enough room!

Please be sure to listen in and leave comments or questions for Miranda. Or just let her know what a great job she did.

The music clip used in this episode is credited to ccMixter.

3 Responses to "Stutters Like A Rock Star – Episode 84"

Awesome interviewed Miranda! Congratulation for all accomplishments. Keep up the great work. You sound fantastic! You have so much talent! Keep moving forward!
By the way, I used to work as a waitress and I totally I understand what you go through in day by day bases. I experienced few mean people but I realized that after you tell them “Hey I stutter, would you like me to educate you on what it is or would you prefer to proceed with your order” Let me tell you, most customers would feel embarrass and proceed with their order. Eventually they would apologize and I would accept their apology. Hold no grudges because you are right you will never see those people in your entire life again. Even if you do see them don’t hold anything against them. They have their own issues going on and you are 10X times better than they ever will.
Telling your professor’s that you stutter is nothing bad. I always make sure to tell my professor’s that I stutter only because I don’t want them to think that I am nervous or that I am not prepare because they think I didn’t do my homework. Therefore I want them to know that I stutter so they won’t deduct the points that I deserve and that I work so hard to get . Instead of focusing on my speech they can focus in other aspects of my presentation. At the end of the semester I know I worked hard to earn that “A” in my class just like any other student who did.
I respect your honesty. Your voice is so motivating, inspiring, and contagious! I hope to meet you at the NSA this year. Don’t ever change.

It must be so amazing to have so much self confidence in yourself …Good on her !!!

I.wont give up my to sqeeze my potential.and.get everysingle word I couldnt get all these years,years of sufferinf missed oportunities. I beleive I can overcome this I wont accept to live with fear to talk for the rest of my life im gonna fight

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