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Accepting In The Moment – Episode 80

Posted on: February 1, 2012

Episode 80 features return guest Elaine Robin, who hails from Seattle, Washington. For this great episode, Elaine shares from her present location, which is Shanghai, China. Elaine is a SLP who stutters and first shared her story here in episode 43.

I was excited to have Elaine back on the show, to tell us about her experiences living in China. An opportunity became available for Elaine to work in Shanghai for a year at a speech clinic. Elaine shares with us the excitement and culture shock of moving to, and living in, a very different part of the world.

We talk about stuttering, of course, but also about the fascinating perspective of an American who does not speak Chinese trying to navigate in a new country. We talk about the Chinese educational system, how disabilities are viewed and handled and the stark differences between Eastern and Western cultures.

Elaine also had the opportunity to travel to India at the end of December 2011. She had planned a visit to India while in Asia anyway, and had the unique opportunity to visit and attend the first ever Indian National Conference for people who stutter. The conference was organized and hosted by The Indian Stammering Association.

Listen in as Elaine describes the profound moments she experienced as a small group came together to celebrate, learn and support each other about stuttering. We discuss advertising, acceptance, self-help and pushing out of comfort zones.

Elaine also shares the very personal insights she learned about facing fears, taking chances and what she has learned about herself.

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Music used in this episode is credited to ccMixter.

(Also, note there may be a couple of editing errors in the audio. Sue me – I do the best I can!)

6 Responses to "Accepting In The Moment – Episode 80"

Another gr8 episode Pam! And Elaine you were awesome as always, i’m so glad to have met you. Thanks for bringing those memories from National Conference back.

What you’ve said about the Taboo/Stigma related to indian women is true to a very large extent but in bigger cities you will find women who’re more progressive and equal in every respect to men. But yes these cities do not define india, and in general what you’ve said is very true as the major part of india is mainly small town and villages. In the industry i work in, the software industry, you’ll find women outnumber men.
I have met few women who stutter here and most of them, if not all, are covert. So i think its really necessary for them to break out of their shell and i’m sure Pam’s podcast series must be helping a lot of them.

But yes the National Conference was really amazing and I hope i’ll make it to florida for the NSA conference later this year, keeping my fingers crossed :).

Thank you Pamela for your wonderful program and Elaine for bringing back the memories of the National conference

Wow!! Two women talking about me 🙂 It was great to meet you Elaine and I really miss you and rest of the folks. And Pam even though I may not comment regularly but I am a regular on your blog. Both of you are simply superb! Keep rocking

JP we talk about you a lot.:) You are doing great things for people who stutter!!! Thank you for all your hard work and how welcoming you were to me in India!!! I miss you!!!

Almost crying listening to hear Elaine talk about the impact of the conference for the TISA guys. So amazing!! It is so great hearing this, especially since I have come to “know” so many Indian PWS. So amazing to hear! Thanks for sharing all this!

I was honestly so touched by the impact of the conference. I was wondering if I conveyed at least 1/10th of what it was truly like. Thank you Nina for your comment. This was an experience I will always treasure and I am sure share with others for years to come!!!

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