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Really Not Alone – Episode 64

Posted on: August 15, 2011

Episode 64 features Christine Dits, who hails from South Bend, Indiana. Christine is 22 years old, and just recently graduated from St. Mary’s College with her undergraduate degree in speech pathology.

She is looking to work in the special education field,while applying to graduate schools in the Mid-west. She wants to pursue her Master’s degree so she can one day practice as a licensed speech therapist. She has recently accepted a job as a speech therapy assistant.

I first met Christine when she was a student volunteer at the 2010 FRIENDS convention in Chicago. She attended her first NSA conference in 2010 as well, in Cleveland. We did not meet at that NSA conference, as sometimes happens when there are hundreds of participants!

Christine attended her second NSA conference this year, which was held last month in Ft Worth, Texas. In this episode, Christine talks about what her first time experience was like, and compares it to her second experience, where she felt much more comfortable and eager to meet new friends.

Listen in as we also talk about Christine’s therapy experiences, which did not start for her until towards the end of high school. We also discuss being a “twenty-something” who stutters, and what “recovery from stuttering” means for Christine.

Credit for the podcast safe music used in this episode goes to ccMixter. Feel free to leave comments or questions for either of us. Feedback is a gift.

3 Responses to "Really Not Alone – Episode 64"

Hey Pam,

Although I’m a guy, I still enjoy tuning into your podcasts. I initially got into all of this after listening to StutterTalk & Stuttering 101. I have been meaning to write to you sooner but I’ve been very caught up with graduate school applications. I was reading your recent Stress+Change article and I hope your doing well now.

I really enjoyed this podcast featuring Christine. I could pretty much relate to her when she was talking about applications to graduate school for speech the past winter.

I was watching this StutterTalk video recently on Youtube which featured you and a few more members at the College of Saint Rose. I was really excited seeing that as I am applying to Saint Rose. I hope I get accepted there because they have a very strong program especially focusing on fluency and stuttering with their Fluency Council.

Anyways, I think I rattled off a bit there.

I hope you keep posting more of these great podcasts!


Hey Dev,
Glad you tune in and took the time to write and leave feedback. Men are certainly welcome to listen anytime, and I appreciate feedback from guys. Stuttering is universal for those of us it affects, but I do this women’s podcast as it is such a unique perspective.
Obvioulsy there are fewer women who stutter then men.
You’ll like St Rose if you get in. Its a great community within a community and in such a great part of the city. So many things within walking distance.
Keep me posted on your progress – if you wind up here, we’ll have to meet in person, and you can join our monthly Chat & Chew group that gets together just to socialize and hang out. No support agenda or therapy – just hanging out and having fun with people who happen to stutter. We’ve been doing it since May 2010, and its been great for so many people who are wary of therapy or groups.
Good luck, keep listening and leave feedback anytime.

Hey Pam,

Chat & Chew seems fun! Sounds similar to the NSA.

So, I’m presently working on the Personal Statement which I would mail St. Rose and I would really appreciate opinions about the same from other people. So far I’ve just had some friends read it.

I read your recent article about your experience at the Orientation Day and I gather you would be busy working but if you could spare some time and proof read my essay I would really appreciate that!! I mean my ‘fluent’ friends would’nt really share that perspective which you have regarding this field.

Anyways, I should get back to writing! 🙂


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