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Be Open To The World-Episode 16

Posted on: August 1, 2010

Episode 16 features Irina, who hails from Burgas, Bulgaria. She is a published author and journalist, and has also worked in the disability sector.

I met Irina on Face book through another friend in Belgium. It still amazes me how technology allows us to reach out and talk with others all around the world, as easily as if we are sitting in the same room together.

Something special happens when people who stutter reach out to one another. You can hear it as we chat!  Especially women! We realize immediately that we are not alone and that our feelings are very similar.

The three books she has published are I Stutter (2005) and the novels Almost Intimately (2007) and Annabel (2010). Irina stutters confidently in six languages. Her hobby and passion is Argentinian tango and she dances it regularly, also when traveling (always a pair of tango shoes in her bag).

We chat about many things in this wonderful conversation. We discuss how acceptance came into Irina’s life, her discovery of the Bulgarian Stuttering Association, and what led her to writing. This is a short essay that Irina wrote for a contest about stuttering.

Irina was also former Deputy Mayor for “Health Care, Social Activities and Integration of People with Disabilities”, Sofia Municipality (Bulgaria).

She is a woman who has touched many lives with her own story of stuttering and her advocacy.

I am proud to know her and have her share part of her story with us! She will have to visit again to share what we didn’t get to!

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9 Responses to "Be Open To The World-Episode 16"

Wow, Irina, what a great talk. You were so honest and open with your stuttering and you delivered a powerful message. You were funny a couple of times, esp where you said you took therapy, but you still stutter. You are a good role model for women who stutter.
Pam – you and Irina, all your guests, sound really comfortable with each other. This is really enjoyable to listen to.

Bulgaria is amazing !!! I like it !

I find these episodes to be very inspirational. Who knew that women who stutter are doing so much? We just never really hear about it. Irina – you are very accomplished.
Is your book for children available in the US? Is it written in English?
Keep up the good work.

Thanks Susanna and Ben! I think that sharing our stories is essential for overcoming fear from speaking and gaining more self confidence. It’s great that Pam is giving us this opportunity – at least to women who stutter! 🙂

Ben, my book is not published in English but I have translated it myself. I can send it to you if you drop me a message at

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

Not sure what you mean by exchange links. I looked at your site, and it appears to be a technology site.
I am not sure why you would want a stuttering site linked to yours. Please elaborate! 🙂

Pam, if I may give my (humble) expert opinion, I would not recommend you exchanging links. You may run the risk of your site being identified as spam, and unranked from search engines.

Right Burt, so far, I have controlled all spam and have no ads on my site, which I hope to keep. So, I value your opinion!

My warmest congratulations to you Irina and Pam for that great episode.

Irina is funny, smart and deeply inspiring. But that’s not a surprise, as it’s Irina.

I would really have liked to be here to see the face of the employer who denied her the job, when she met her again 😉

But, what is more, I’m sure that Irina managed to keep it pleasant and courteous, while most of us (and me first) would only have sought some sort of revenge!

I don’t know if you noticed, but Irina’s fluency improves greatly between the begining and the end of the show. It also says a lot on the atmosphere of friendship and trust which Pam manages to create on her show.

Well done, ladies, and, again, bravo, and keep up the good job

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