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Stuttering Meet-Ups In The UK

Posted on: April 4, 2010

My trip to England was a whirlwind of excitement, feelings and emotion. I met people for the first time that I had only communicated with via social media. It was very exciting to do this, but also scary and overwhelming.

Meeting Lisa at the Airport in London was surreal. As I walked out of the Customs area, I was thinking so many things: how will I know her? Will she really be there? What will it be like? What will we do? What will we say?

The arrival area was packed. It was a throng of people. And then I saw her. She recognized me, she was waving and she had her camcorder. As we approached, all my fears dropped away and we just hugged each other, looked at each other and then hugged again.

I was meeting Lisa for the first time and was to stay at her house for the week. I flew over 3000 miles to visit a new country and meet people face-to-face that I felt that I already knew. This took a lot of trust. On both our parts. It was Lisa’s first time ever meeting another person face-to-face who stutters. Wow! I know that had to be hard. I could tell and she honestly said that a few times.

It is hard to put into words what we felt and experienced all week. On our last night, I asked Lisa to be brave and talk with me about how the week was, and try indeed to put some of those feelings into words. We recorded it, which was brave for both of us. But our talking about it expresses it perfectly, so much better than if I just wrote about it. We were both honest and real, and that’s what it is all about. I think Lisa “made room for her stuttering” this week.

Thank you Lisa for being you! Thank you Tone for filming this for us! There will be much more on this blog this week, from Tone, Lisa, and Ridwan I hope.

And I will write about our experiences meeting each other, feeling welcomed in the UK, attending a BSA support meeting and meeting Sheila on our last day. Too much! So brilliant!

Stuttering is stuttering no matter where we are! We share that common thread, no matter how far apart we are.

5 Responses to "Stuttering Meet-Ups In The UK"

Awesome video, so honest – very well done to you both ! xxx

Wow seems to be my word of the moment.
what a rollercoaster week it was .
Yes I did make room for my stuttering this weekand it was ok ,the world didnt end ,I was able to say exactly what I was feeling .
Although my habits of many years were still there raising there head ,avoiding ,switching ,scanning ahead .
I had one huge moment whilst in London and I feel that I was the only one who really felt it was .I got us lost ,I was the guide and in charge of my guests and I made a huge mistake and felt quite bad about it ,so in my anger I suppose and feeling of failure, I actually went into a shop and asked a complete stranger for directions ,I stuttered terribly as this is one of my biggest fears ,but I did ask and I did get the answer and the guy did look at me as if I had 2 heads ,butI still did it and I won’t see that person again .
so as well as meeting fantastic people this week ,I moved a tiny bit forward in my journey for accepting myself .
so thanks you guys
lisa xx

Guess what Lisa? You are right. None of us felt that moment as badly as you did. I can’t speak for the others, but I didn’t really care. We were in London, we were having fun, it was cold and wet, and I didn’t really care where we were. It seems more important that we had a good time. We sure did when we found that Happy Hour place, huh?
And if a by-product of that moment was that you faced a fear and stuttered like crazy with a store clerk, so be it. We saw you go in to ask directions, but didn’t know what you were feeling. Failure? Please, girlfriend. You opend your home to us, you cooked for us, you drove us around, you went to the Heathrow airport 3 times, and you introduced an American, a Norwegian and an Indian to your Mum. None of that qualifies as failure – absolutely none.
Get that word out of your vocabualry, and watch the video. You are amazing. You actually stuttered while talking about stuttering, unlike me, who was strangley fluent. Must have been the wine!

Oh and I still can’t bring myself to watch the video yet ,but i expect I will eventually xxx

What a really great video and Lisa was brilliant. I think that it takes alot of courage to have a conversation like that recorded and to be so honest, open and genuine. I can understand why Lisa might be apprehensive about watching it but she has absolutely no reason to feel anything other than good about herself.

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